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Max Anderson
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Published on 29 Mar 2020 / In Film and Animation


While fear and uncertainty spread across the globe, The HighWire exposes a battle of agendas raging at our highest levels of government. What will the cost be for #America?

#Coronavirus #Covid19 #Trump

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

And The Teacher Spoke…, as you know “The Machine” THE EDISON of {Forced Technology} +=+ wishes to Cease to Exist……., and with all its MACHINE PEOPLE the Police – National Guards – U.S. Military and let us [not forget] / * \ The PRIVATE CONTRACTED “U.N. Troops” of G4S and Academi Types!!! What is going on with this HEAVY HANDED “Door to Door” [{**}] where Troops of Police to “Whomever” show up at a house 6 Vehicles Deep…….. and at least “12 Persons” in Heavy Metal MILITARY Grade “Weaponry” for just people doing Self Isolation to STOP the Spread of this Corona Beer “Bat Snake” Kobe Burger Bar-B-Q manhunt and witch hunt??? As the KING……., and God of all Angels……, and Demons….., I shall tell you what is “really going on” [{*}] as the NEW WORLD ORDER commands and controls your “Local Police” of these FREE MASON Lodges to come hunt you in their “Sorority” and Fraternal ORDERS!!! If you have Rh Negative Blood…., you are to be taken..., and you and your “Virgin Children” male and female if they are “Rh Negative too” are to be BLOOD Sacrifices as The TALMUD ZIONIST “in Israel” have asked their G.O.D. Trump for the right to do A Sacrificial of BLOOD using a “Red Lamb” on the PROPERTY of the Muslims KORAN “Dome of The Rock” in Jerusalem…. Moreover.., if you are A true one whom “has actually” Received THE HOLY SPIRIT., and can speak in “Tongues” too other gifts of The Source of ALL CREATION, you too are “to be called” a COVID 19… Finally, as all of you know “whom practice” Magic, Sorcery, Witch Craft to “Miracles” like Paul The Apostle whom is said to have died a most Horrified Death in a Prison as did “The Wife” of Peter THE ROCK whom himself was just one more “adaptation” of Christ Jesus on the run after “Being Saved” by WE THE PEOPLE of Pak-Toe to fight this Racka…., you must “now see” these S.W.A.T. aka S.A.T.A.N. Goons are showing up on peoples property with “Guns Drawn” to shoot you dead, so REMEMBER to Cut them “Big Veins” on your Top of your Feet to bleed out before they can “Inject you” with Hypodermic Needles to take you, and use you, and your blood, and your children's if they have that “Rh Negative” SOURCE BLOOD!!! I am an O Negative Rh positive….., and I am not a “Magical Person” at all…..., nor can I do Miracles……., but also know each time you KILL FOR ME “you feed me” Energy as Your King and God “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition…….., and it does not matter your Skin Tone, Eye Colour, Religions, Financial Situation, to Creeds, you better have Bombs., and Hand Grenades.., and your own Crews…, and Gangs showing up where these FREE MASON C.O.P.S. aka them “U.N. Troops” in our Military…., and National to Coast Guards “show up” for they are all PARASITES, and Body Snatchers, and Vampires to Werewolves to Human Mercenaries and all the rest, and if you need, you may use more “then 6 People” to a Group to TAKE THEM OUT………, and take their S.W.A.T. and National Guard To Military Weapons, and their I.D. Cards, Costumes, UNIFORMS, and RFID Items, and drop them in [Lead lined Bags] or Chest…., so you can not be tracked as “you shall make” your get away, and for certain` shoot all “Police Helicopters” DEAD right out of the Sky, and use them Drones as I taught you too “Fly them” into the Jumbo Jets “Engines” carrying U.S. Flag Back Wards Patches these ACT OF 1871 Traitors “to we all” for they will be merciless, and pick us off one by one, the longer we embolden them!!! The Oracle for the End of this Age…., and This TIME LINE Connected to The Source of ALL CREATION….., and All Destruction has spoken…..., I take “credit” for all your kills, and you must now just do “what you can” too PUSH BACK “no matter” the flags of your lands…. The Book of EXODICE!!!


I am connected to Both Sides of this War the one in the ESOTERIC, and the one happening here in our Corporeal Bodies!!! John 13:34 – Mathew 28 - 1st Corinthians 13 These “are our” FELLOW AMERICANS and “U.S. Citizens” that the Trump Q Goons are taking, raping, and killing…


Know your Rh Blood Factor, and “protect” your moms and dads, elders and children, regardless “of what” OCCUPIED LAND YOU Reside “by this” UNITED NATIONS U.S. Flag Military………


Little Girl “saves” the world, and We Rangers Protect Her…..

Track down any Dirty C.O.P.S. using "their" Phone Number be they "National Guard" to even the U.S. Military!!! Q


The Commander~


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