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Trump Derangement Syndrome - Trudeau Globalist Spending

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Published on 31 Jul 2020 / In News and Politics

Trump Derangement Syndrome: Diagnosis and Treatment

Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is a social mental illness that manifests itself in the refusal to accept the results of the 2016 elections. This ailment belongs to the category of political psychosis. Unlike most other mental disorders, TDS is a contagious disease that can cause epidemics and even pandemics.

This syndrome is caused by the new neuropathologic coronavirus Bacillus Anti-Trumpicus (2016-nCoV). The virus, entering the human brain, selectively eats only those neurons responsible for a coherent political worldview. Theoretically, the disease is incurable, although some countries have announced successful attempts to combat the epidemic and control the spread of infection.


Facts Are the Antidote to Trump Derangement Syndrome

Being a conservative in perhaps the most liberal state in the country, Massachusetts, I'm often asked why I support the president by those on the left, some of whom think he's a racist, misogynist, homophobe, criminal and, for good measure, a bully.

I laugh and say, "It's because none of those things are true!" and then hit them with facts, not #FakeNews.

Let's start with the absurd allegation that President Donald Trump is anti-women. "If that were true," I ask, "why has he created millions of jobs for women?" Under the Trump administration, the unemployment rate for women is 3.5%, the lowest in 66 years.


PM Justin Trudeau: A Soros Puppet Hellbent on Destroying Canada

“Pretty Boy” Revolutions Funded by George Soros Executed to Transform the West into a Communist Paradise

Very few understand the degree of scheming and level of conspiratorial subversion that several Western countries have been victimized by over the past 10 to 15 years.

We’re talking about the most complex and convoluted communist multi-nation overthrow plot ever to be carried out in the West.

The transparent Manchurian Candidates who were the primary agents of this plot to subvert the governments of the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, etc. are well known to everyone.


Under Trudeau, Canada Spends Over $10 Billion In Foreign Aid

Justin Trudeau calls himself a “citizen of the world,” and wants Canada to be a “post-national state.” It seems he is putting those words into action, to the detriment of the Canadian people.

While it’s no big surprise that he would be willing to give so much taxpayer money away outside of our country, the sheer scale of the spending is shocking.


Morneau confirms deficit of more than $300 billion

Trudeau government pressured to enact guaranteed income while racking up $343 billion deficit

Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau confirmed Wednesday, July 8, that his government is facing a deficit of more than $300 billion—a twelvefold increase over the $25 billion deficit that would have been expected, according to the Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO), were it not for a global pandemic.

The Trudeau government announced more than $200 billion in emergency spending earlier this year, about $170 billion has been spent to date, and it is facing drops in revenue as a result of a self-induced recession and low oil prices.


Justin Trudeau To Spend $7.1 BILLION Dollars On Abortion In Africa By 2030
The Trudeau government has made many statements about the primacy of abortion in its policy both at home and abroad, but none have been as brazen as this.


Trudeau government examining tax on Canadian homeowners

In more bad news for those wishing to jump on the housing ladder, the Trudeau government is currently researching a tax on homeowners.

The technocrats who organized this research project have rather glibly compared homeowners to lottery winners, calling their property a form of tax shelter, according to Blacklock's Reporter.


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