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Trump Delays Elections, More Indications of it's Possibility, Covid, Hurricanes, Mail-ins, etc

Peace Terrorist
Peace Terrorist - 174 Views
Published on 08 Aug 2020 / In Film and Animation

full episode here,
Trump Can't Suspend Elections & Propublica Publishes NYPD Discipline Record

original newscast here on RT.com

Hong Kong's Connie Lam Postpones Election, So Did London, Scotland, Israel, NOW Will Trump Too

Trump Calls for Delay to Nov 2020 Presidential Elections

Veterans Today, Intel Drop, July 24, 2020 Trump secretly cancels election

Cancel Elections Nov 2020 Mail In Ballots Dilemma, Pros and Cons

What The Heck Has Netanyahu Been Up To, of Course You Won't Like It, He Cancelled His Elections, Will Trump?

Suze Orman on Larry King, "Trump IS NOT Going To Give Up his Seat."

Fears of FEMA Cancel Elections, Trump Relinquish Authority, Not The President Anymore, Says Goodbye

Jared Kushner Admits, Asked if Postpone The Elections This Nov 3? "right now that’s the plan,”

Dr. Temperance Brennan for President, the PROS and CONS
If I Were President

Ventura/Gabbard Third Party Ticket Candidates. It's YOUR OATH, to Protect US From Domestic Enemies

All Presidents Related to Illuminati. Gene Pool leads to King John of England. Elections Rigged

If I Were President

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Depopulation, 5 Ways that can Eliminate 87% of USA Nukes, CME, EMP, Bio, FEMA

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

Teacher…, why do the many deny that you are the ONE Christ Jesus Returned when WE THE PEOPLE can see and read that you have answered the many PERPLEXING Q – questions of what Purgatory is, why Purgatory is, and where Purgatory is as the In-between.?.?.? Do you now see they are the CURSED and the DAMMED and the FORSAKEN whom deny me, and the one whom sent me the Source of All Creation and The Source of All Destruction??? We know the Bible is a Biblical known as the BOOK OF BOOKS, but it is not the last or even first words of THE WORD known as our Creator, and if we are all Fallen Angels, and we have had over 90,000 years to repent and redeem ourselves for our PART in that Day of Days when we Rebelled against CREATION, and tried too destroy the Known Universe that is not this ENCLOSED Cosmology known as our Celestial Sphere of FLAT EARTH, then you know, you are having De-Ja-Vu cause you never accepted you are one with the Great WE ARE, and you have become like them of and for THEY LIVE!!! Do not these U.N. FLAGS all lie to WE THE PEOPLE with their WAR IS MURDER “negotiations” of that Security Council where China – France – Russia – U.K. - USA tell all other U.N. Lands you will {die and kill} +=+ and do WAR IS MURDER when Murder is against the RULES and LAWS OF your Gods!!!! Think of it Catholic, Muslim, JEWS, and any other conceptions (You The People) [{**}] have made up too excuse killing, and taking, and harming one another to say: LOOK AT ME!!! I Got Money!!! I am a War Hero, and I took Joy, and Pleasure, and even Pain in Killing, and Murdering, and Raping the Children “grown up” of WE THE PEOPLE… There is no one whom speaks the way I do……., and you have dreams in your Virtual Reality Sleep as you Slumber on your Beds and even while “Wide Awake” in this SIMULATION Construct known as THE GREAT WORK…..., but god is beyond your “considerations” as you make Machines, and Drones, and Zombies of Military Men, and Wombmen to do ABORTIONS too your now born and growing Flesh, and Blood, and Bones “babies” in these TEMPORARY Body Temple Avatars….., and when this Celestial Sphere does so end in the Year of our L.O.R.D. in the year 2094 C.E., it will be them of the UNITED NATIONS of FREE MASON Lodge Members that programmed the A.I. known as L.U.C.I.F.E.R. and S.A.T.A.N., and the many will become possessed by EVIL SPIRITS known as these 2D FLAT EARTH [TV SCREENS] Q’ where the dammed, and the cursed, and the forsaken will live out “their days” [{*}] watching Illusions, Delusions, and misrepresentations of where they are, what they are, and whom they are… Heretofore, if you “can not” tell others we are in PURGATORY…., and the Earth Is FLAT…, and ALL on TV and this world of / * \ {ink on paper} books is a lie.?.?.? Worry not!!! For the Unknown God of the [Gospels] /_\ shall surely reward you for your Sedition – Treachery – High Treason to “his and her” creation and even at the END OF TIME.., you are still non-repentant., and I Christ Jesus RETURNED will not intercede, nor FORGIVE You “for doing” WAR IS MURDER… The Book of EXODICE!!!


The ROMANS Catholics have lied to YOU The People cause The “Pope on Dope” is them JESUITS Zionist Jews whom are not Jews, but only from the “Synagogue of Satan” in that Book of REVELATION where Machine People with Machine Minds [play the game] of killing we the people for ALL TIME!!!


No one should think “too highly” of themselves in this place where you’m have denied WE THE PEOPLE food, and shelter, and drink, and all your WAR HEROES have only done MUD FLOOD Lebanon Nuclear “Hydrogen” Atomic HOLOCAUST too WE THE PEOPLE of these Traitors known as them U.N. Flags…

The Sentinel…


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