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Johnny Exodice
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Published on 06 Feb 2020 / In Film and Animation

You of the Q Movement do not fool we of and for OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION COALITION, and we see the U.S. FLAG "Military" is nothing more then an "EXPANSIONIST" of the United Nations INTERNATIONAL MAFIA of FREE MASON "Lodge members" and U.N Troops in our small towns... The Society of nonmason~ [///|||\\\]

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

The Context of the Count Down…

As I sit in my “MOTEL 6” here in Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA USA where the EDISON Machine of “Forced Technology” commands………, and controls the WEATHER WEAPONS of NASA Ratheon KBR “HAARP” and DARPA…….., I think of the world “we now know” where it is not a Ball In Space “Flowing” through empty Galaxies of Pixie Dust……., but that FLAT EARTH is the real definition of “A Horizon” and A Plain…..., and that The VERTICAL in the “TV Screens” brings to each nonmason population the “Conceit” of these FREE MASON “TV PEOPLE” be they 10 years old to 95….., and that they “are the ones” whom TOOK our Tartarian Lifestyle…., and Blew Up the World with Nuclear Hydrogen Bombs and Decimated this whole “Celestial Sphere” from the Shooting of “OUR MOON” in the Firmament “till she bled” BLACK WATER to the MUD FLOODS of Jon Levi…, and FLAT EARTH British on youtube.., and though there are a FEW Others whom will put “all the pieces” of this ILLUMINATED “DEVIL WORSHIP” into the PizzaGATE Satanic RELIGION “Life Style” of all PEOPLE Connected to Bollywood and Hollywood., where do you now stand my nonmason???

You know there can be “NO TRADE” while China has the NORAD VIRUS, and yet the Stock Market of Up and Down goes Up Up Up!!!??? You see all these TV Shows where “no one is concerned” about the Corona NOVEL Virus cause the Crowds and the Political Leaders, and all them TV SHOWS with these TV “talking heads” have gotten “the Inoculation” to this “Death Plague” while we the nonmason Populations in our Home Towns have none??? Why do you allow FREE MASON Lodge Members to Run your Courts, be your Mayors, own “YOUR” City Counsel….., and School Boards when YOU PAY THEM “too work” FOR YOU…., not “tell you” what to do??? Does not your Taxes pay for their PAYCHECK “be they” them Dirty C.O.P.S. to them Dirty “Judges” too Them Dirty City Mayors??? After all…., we know all WORLD LEADERS “belong to” the United Nations INTERNATIONAL MAFIA of freemason lodges…..., and só from “Trump the Chump” to Putin The Scootin to Winnie the Pooh XI as the “EMPEROR” of China…., as also we do know these “Profane” Forsaken Persons all FAKE SPACE and “FAKE DNA” and have unleashed the [Made In China] Norad Virus on we all “whom have” No Inoculation to it!!!

When I watch TV shows be it “Local News’ too Local Shows….., no one says anything about the PRISON “FEMA CAMPS” Made in China in just under 8 Days??? No one talks about this ROMAN Wiccan “Satanic Festival” Happening here in Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA USA… No one on TV “does anything” for anyone whom is NOT on a TV show be it “our local news” Tools to the FREE MASON “Internationalist” SCUM!!! Trump is “just another” Joe Biden…., and their WIVES are all “Succubus” as these MEN of Renowned are all Incubus, and what “do you do” in your Lands from Hong Kong to Saudi Arabia from Brazil to “Mali” from Canada to Australia….., you let them live??? You let them use them NASA Lazer “Plasma” WEAPONS on the nonmason Populations of Australia till MUD FLOODS Come to erase what these “Supernatural Fires” have done!!! You read the Holy Bible….., and “you” save none!!! Do not say “you worship me” as The Christ Returned…..., for none of you will “be saved” by {GOD or SATAN} that are one… You have never READ that Book of Knowledge known as 1D ink on 2D “FLAT Pages” that make up that 3D Book of SUBJUGATION to all whom BEG “as we see” Begging is Idolatry….., só GO WORSHIP “your” American Idols….., and “Murdering” U.S. FLAG “WAR” HEROES!!!

Therefore, as the “Climate Change” is done by a MAN MADE MACHINE Called the EDISON as you’m “continue to allow” the U.N. FLAG to put U.N. Troops in all your 21st Century FEDERAL Police Act of Barrack Obama as Joe Biden does the “Two Step” with Donald Trump and Mike Pence….., and their SPACE FORCE that “is code word” for Gestapo KGB Nazi “SECRET POLICE” to come RED FLAG LAW You into “MENTAL WARDS” just as was done to our parents in the 1893 T.L. to 1945 T.L. of the “Great Cover Up” of all FLAT EARTH Magical Academies being destroyed and “REMOVED” from Consciousnesses as your WORLD Leaders “wear no mask” to PROTECT Themselves from this MERS / SARS “Virulent” Infection cause “they got” the Antidote…., and you have none…., they only put on FACE MASK in “Asian Countries” because you are só dumb!!! The "Virius" is in the VAPE OILS, the Hand Sanitizer, and now in this só called “CURE” where they will demand “MANDATORY” COMPLIANCE with “Hypodermic” NEEDLES “of the” Corona Sars Mers “INFECTION” Vaccine!!!

Johnny Exodice


That the UNITED NATIONS and W.H.O. Would “allow any” to LEAVE China shows you they are all a “RELIGION of FAKE SPACE” and FALSE Gods!!! And just know the “U.S. FLAG CDC” made this NORAD Virus…..., and put it in your Children's "Candy" Vape Oils....., that they have now "Recalled" and “Destroyed” all the EVIDENCE "of their" U.S. FLAG Treachery!!!


You see they all lie on “TV” cause THEY GOT the “Antidote” and Inoculation as FREE MASON {LODGE MEMBERS} in your home towns!!!! Fucking Pukes and Cucks and Slags!!!! Also anyone whom has ever been to County Jail or [State Prison] know about the “RUBBER ROOMS” where they put you in a Room of Shit and Piss….., and make “you sleep in there” naked all throughout These 50 Countries of this fucking Seditious U.S. FLAG “G4S” Federalist – Local – State +=+ Prisons…., and Jail System of the UNITED NATIONS WHO and WTO……...

The Society of nonmason~


And now your GOVERNMENTS not just this U.S. FLAG of the UNITED NATIONS International Mafia of and for these FREE MASON Lodge Member in your home towns ERASE the GREAT NUCLEAR HYDROGEN WAR of 1853 to 1854m now they want to erase even more….


The Commander~


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