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Trudeau Needs Ethics Advisor - The Lefts Hatred for Trump

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Published on 10 Aug 2020 / In News and Politics

Trudeau needs an ethics director to call his own

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should hire a director of ethics and oversight to vet potential conflicts of interest, according to pollsters Greg Lyle and Frank Graves, who were quoted in the Hill Times.

I cannot see why not. After all, there must be a few dollars still floating around now that the Kielburger brothers will not be getting their multi-million dollar commission and all the ducats that were to be sprinkled out to eager young (paid) volunteers now float free for other purposes. There should at least be enough to supply a salary for a personalized ethics minder and the staff for what will be — if past behaviours are anything to go by — a demanding, and possibly even full time, position.


Justin Trudeau says there was no conflict of interest in the WE Charity deal, just the appearance of one. What do the rules say?

It wasn’t about a conflict of interest, but about the perception of one.

Trudeau has apologized for not recusing himself from the discussion around the deal — a decision that’s now being examined the office of the federal ethics commissioner — but only because of a “perception” of a conflict of interest created by his family’s ties to the organization. He insists he was not, in fact, conflicted.


7 Reasons the Left's Hatred of Trump Is So Deep

President Trump’s popularity is higher than before the Democrats' impeachment debacle began, and that continues to frustrate and outrage the leftists in our midst.

Like Wile E. Coyote learns over-and-over again, no matter what he does, the Roadrunner just keeps tweeting on down the road at record speed. They’ve worked to impeach Trump since he took office and finally achieved it, only to have him exonerated by the Senate. They’ve mocked him, his tweets, and his priorities. They’ve drowned him in negative media coverage. They’ve called him a narcissist, a tyrant, and an uncaring fraud. But nothing is working, and the rage in the social media just grows by the day as there are growing signs that no Democrat is in a position to stop his march to a second term.


The Trump .45
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