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Trail Boss Accuracy "TEST" 2 Bullets 5 Charges

elvis ammo
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Published on 10 Apr 2018 / In Firearms

Trail Boss Powder 38 Cal. 2 bullet weights, 5 different powder charges. On Target! Trail Boss Powder is accurate after all! Ladder testing 38/357 At least one of these loads will go in my log of accurate loads..... Testing was done from 12 yards. from a rest. Equipment used 5 inch Gp 100 Ruger. Targets by buckeyetargets.com

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ArchersFriend 1 year ago

Glad to find you again. Wondered what was going on.

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HeapHob 2 years ago

Good folks like yourself make this country, yet they wish to repress. I spend my time casting and loading much as your self, your innovation intrigue me. pc love it. Just wanted to say thanks to an american patriot . keep up the good work

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Bimbie 2 years ago

Please do a vid showing the rate of fire speed difference
between shooting Semi-Revolver-Mode vs going FULL-Revolver-Mode
by just pulling the trigger faster like that cnn guy going full-semi-auto

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