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Traffic stop goes bad, cops don't get respect..mp4

Linda Kirby
Linda Kirby - 380 Views
Published on 16 Dec 2019 / In News and Politics


All news links on my UGEtube video. YT gave me a strike for not using their approved news media.

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GodsPoeticGrace11 10 months ago

Ms Linda, to me it looked like both the woman and the guy who was holding her back got hand cuffed. And you're right, it's a shame that society doesn't have more respect for police officers. I was brought up to be respectful. Obviously things changed!

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Linda Kirby
Linda Kirby 10 months ago

Thank you, I couldn't tell who was handcuffed last. Our day was that autority is to be respected unless they are doing wrong. Just because some cops are bad, doesn't mean you disrespect them all. Just because one family member is bad doesn't mean you are bad...so by that understanding, we should all be more respectful. Thank you hun.

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