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Top Psychiatrist: The Leftist Establishmet Is Dying And Trying To Take America With Them

Gee Gee Tee
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Published on 25 Mar 2020 / In News and Politics

The Alex Jones Show
Dr. Steve Pieczenik joins Alex Jones live via Skype to talk coronavirus, President Trump, and how the leftist establishment is using the pandemic to destroy America before Trump completes his recovery of the nation.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

Teacher…, what are we the “nonmason” Populations, People, and Persons “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition to do when the FREE MASON Lodges run our “Town Halls” to our Countries Governors in these 50 STATES FOR AMERICA??? You are to do as {Season One} +=+ of the COLONY TV Show on Netflix Taught……..., and if you have never “Reviewed” the V Science Fiction where Aliens had become the Majority [in our Governments] / * \ from India to Israel and all the rest…….., then you must “now know” [{**}] that these FREE MASON……., and all associated with them are PROJECT BLUE BEAM……, and that “COVID 19” is just the updated CODE WORD for JADE HELM 15 continuing “Depopulation” of all humans by way of mass culling… Have not we Romantic Warriors taken the time “to look beyond” just the FAKE SPACE Moon Landings of [Made In China} crap that the Russians put into with their {Sputnik Cosmonaut] and our American Astronauts???? Since the UNITED NATIONS “International Mafia” of FREE MASON Lodges means they are all “Incubus and Succubus” in them Free Mason groups be they Jobs Daughters to Rainbow Girls to Demolay that you can VERIFY and get “Confirmation” that Shriners too York Rite to Eastern Star are “all part of this” [{*}] WORLD DOMINATION PLOT known as the NEW WORLD ORDER of your “Ask One to Be one” movement of these Traitors from IRAN to Istanbul where MASONS are the Alien Invasion of our home lands??? Since the U.N. FLAGS and that does mean your NATIONAL FLAGS….., then why are we surprised “The Governors” of Americas 50 Independent “Individual” NATION States known as Constitutional Republics…., and Common Wealth has sold out “we the Citizens” of our Countries to this OCCUPYING FORCE known as the ACT OF 1871 District of Columbia “U.S. FLAG” Military…, and Government doing SEDITION.., Committing High Treason., and even our “City Counsels” to Towns Mayors whom also are FREE MASON Lodge Members are “Traitors to we all” whom are NONMASON Citizens of our towns, Cities, Counties, Provinces, Regions, Districts just as HUNGER GAMES makes “all to clear” in its ANALOGY of this TV MATRIX life each and every Country “does so impose” on WE THE PEOPLE where your Ink on Paper “Allah to Mohammad” can’t STOP a simple Flu Bug of Pneumonia and Influenza “let alone” the SAME God “of the” Catholics, Christians, Mormon, Jews, Hindu, Buddhist and even them of the OTO Kabbalah Zohar Movements??? If Your Ink on Paper “ideas and thoughts” of a Creator can not STOP a simple lie known as COVID 19 where it is Medically and “Scientifically” PROVEN the Word Virus is just as fake as Your “Belief in Bibles” aka Biblical aka Books of Books “made by men” too Subjugate OUR Wombmen…., and make you slaves “of your” GOVERNMENTS for do not your Religions Churches, Mosk, Temples, and Vatican say to “BOW DOWN” TO YOUR fucking Kings and Queens these Parasite “Presidents” of our Nations.?.?.?, and for what.?.?.?, so they can kill us all with the “National Guards” of the Army, Navy, Marine, and Air Force for the Fucking W.H.O.???? My my my………, for you whom can not “think for yourself” and see this Agenda 21 + 30 for what it is, you have dammed yourself and “your children” to serve FREE MASON Lodges for all time… The BOOK OF EXODICE!!!!!


To know the FREE MASON run the show, do tell me this??? How can the Stock Market “go up” when NO ONE IS WORKING??????? Think this shit through “my nonmason” cause the FREE MASON have taken over “all nations” Military from France to Germany from the “U.K. to Australia” from Canada to the USA….


Learn what is happening and then TAKE YOUR RIGHT to arrest all FREE MASON “be they” Presidents of “Corporations” from Pharmaceuticals to McDonald's Managers to your Town Hall and City to State “COURTS” for High Treason – Sedition – Traitors to our STATES FLAGS CONSTITUTIONS and fuck the U.S. FLAG and its “Overreach” on our States Boarders!!!!!


and Yes…. It is disgusting how many “are in on this lie” from Democracy Now to so many other So Called “Truth Channels” whom are all just more “Disinformation” FREE MASON Lodge Members….

The Commander~


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