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Top 5 Guns I Would NOT Buy Again!

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Published on 20 Sep 2019 / In Film and Animation

In this video I will tell you about the 5 pistols I would not buy again and why.

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blqwlf 10 months ago

I enjoyed the video. I was not familiar with the Honor Guard and had to look up who made it because you didn't say, maybe naive on my part. I have an LCP and really like it and it shoots very well. The Beretta APX is a great gun in my opinion, but I prefer the PX4 Storm. I don't like any Glock, even though I have tried. I have held rocks that feel better in my hand than a Glock. Also Glock sights are a joke for the price of the gun.
With all that being said I really like my Walther's and Beretta's. I plan getting an IWI Masada next.

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no0negun 10 months ago

Great rundown video. I like your reason for the FNX 45. It’s a gun that I think it is among the absolute best but it goes to show just how personal a hand gun selection is.
Guns that fit and shoot inherently well are the ones that allow for a special kind of magic during fun times and under duress.

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