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Top 10 Guns for Teachers

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Published on 06 Apr 2018 / In Firearms

As schools consider arming teachers and staff, we believe these are the top guns for the job.

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MikeMcGuire 6 days ago

Nice video

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Dilgejam000 7 days ago

Rock on brother keep up the good work

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I_Love_Liberty 13 days ago

I can see why you recommended the double action trigger pull for more safety but I personally hate double action trigger pull on pistols because it affects my accuracy. I would go with a 1911 design in .40 Smith & Wesson, .45 Auto or 9 millimeter Luger. The 1911 has two external safeties and is a very safe handgun.

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gene280 14 days ago

Your plan is the only one that makes sense and it is so obvious. I do not understand why legislators cannot see this themselves.

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US Military Defence

Good for private colection

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