Top 10 Guns for Teachers

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Published on 06 Apr 2018 / In Firearms

As schools consider arming teachers and staff, we believe these are the top guns for the job.

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Stephanie Jackson-Foster

Great Video! I carry a SCCY and love it! I live in Utah and know many teachers and staff that conceal carry daily. I tell them every day thank you for protecting Utah's children

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Tiger.leo86 4 months ago

I agree with the list... But I don't know that DA would be a requirement... Personally, the best gun for anyone (teachers included) is the one that works best for them. The way I would set it up is give the teacher(s) a spending limit, and reimburse them after they purchase a pistol, and practice with it, show proficiency in using it, and allow them to cc in school.

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bill325i 4 months ago

All OK choices and I do carry my P228 which is a P229 without the rail ,but personally my regular carry gun is an H&K P2000SK which is a much better size for carry can use USP mags that hold 13rds or the standard 10rd P2000 mags for a smaller profile . Or you could use a P30Sk which is the same size and has a rail. Both guns are extremely accurate no to heavy and nicely fitted to the hand. I understand your idea of wanting a DA/SA gun in school setting , but you do need to realize that it takes considerably more time and effort training to master . It's one of the reasons police departments started switching to Glock and other striker fired guns over revolvers ,the other main one being capacity . But most departments range scores went up exponentially once they made the switch because it's a lot easier to teach someone to shoot a gun with no safety and less trigger discipline necessary to be a successful shooter .

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YouDontKnowMe 5 months ago

My first video to watch on UGE... Hope to see many more gun vids

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