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Tommy Robinson Stops Coronavirus Attack On Old Couple.

Gee Gee Tee
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Published on 21 Mar 2020 / In News and Politics

This video will probably be set to limited state soon after upload. That is how YouTube operates on material the UK Government doesn't want you to see, feel free to download and re-upload this content everywhere. All Tommy's content is on https://tr.news

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

The Last Flight In…

As I reset “my life” for the end of this age……..., and see what life “was like” in The Days of Noah…….., it is per-ponderousness to me that no one sees this {COVID 19} / * \ for the lie it actually is??? A lifetime of study with the [Anonymous Movement] +=+ and on a FRIDAY Night of all things……., the Bars of the INTERNATIONALIST “City of Atlanta” [{**}] from J.R. Crickets to Atkins Park too even The Highlander have all bowed down “to be submissive” TAX PAYERS with no say in the reason they pay taxes to this “Georgian” Government that will not speak the truth that there is no Cobe Burger “Bat Snake” Corona Beer Virus……., and yet…..., they are all shut down by 7:00 P.M. as CURFEW has now become “the reason” we the people all Pay Taxes to have “Not One Say” in the ways our Cities are run??? It is quite here in the ATL Airport as well….., as I watch the planes become less and less…., and wonder how many in the “U.S. Military” are now nothing more the U.N. Troops of Incubus…, and Succubus.., and what will they do “when we humans” do as they please for they have killed us since the last World Wide MUD FLOOD Reset of 1893…

You would think once we Humans knew there was “more to this place” [{*}] then a Ball Spinning Through Fake Space., and Fake DNA, and Fake Stories made by every University and Canonical of Biblical Information the People from “India to Pakistan” would now stand as one just as The Germans to the French to the Poles would no longer “live in hate” or fear of China and Russia and the UNITED STATES of FREE MASON Lodges??? I am just one person whom sees “these people” are beat down way worse then what Moses had to put up with when “he murdered” that Task Master for the Suppression of his people…., but in this Day and Age the People regardless of Skin Tone, Religious Backing to Education Insight have become so “Compliant” with Monsters, and Pirates, and Crooks that they SUBMIT – OBEY – COMPLY with what ever lie the WHO puts out there for this ENTITY and NEW WORLD ORDER ESTABLISHMENT “known as” Agenda 21 and Agenda 30…

I have taken to stay home myself for a MAN be he or she / Male or Female can not “defend Mankind” if Mankind feels it should be ruled by Demons and Angels and Gods and Goddesses cause no one has the capability to Think things through when it comes to “Global Governess” as the First Lady that Whore of Babylon the Wife of Trump and the “Lover of Pence” do a Ménage à trois in full view of all the children where Unknown Military “Uniforms” and New Costumes shall walk the Streets of America from “Coast to Coast” as we are all made too do “A SUGGESTION” known as Self Isolate and Social Distancing?.?.?.? I have been “Abandoned” by the CORPORATION FLAG known as the Georgian Republic….., and it is the same with the other “50 States” CORPORATION FLAGS as they all kiss the ass of this ACT OF 1871 “U.S. FLAG” that is nothing but the FEDERAL RESERVE Private “Banking System” of the Queen of England……, and her Pet Dog that Vatican Slut “Pope Francis” of the Holy Roman CATHOLIC Military Machine of JADE HELM 15 and REX 84 where “all Will kneel” too their G.O.D. called S.A.T.A.N.

You would “think” we Human Population people would rebel, revolt, and mutiny in every land to be a part “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition that is a Road Map, and a Blue Print out of the Predicament “we all” find ourselves beholden too??? Yet, I shall not wait and see as I plant this Seasons Crops of “Veggies and Fruits” in my back yard as Gardening “will matter” whence the WAL-MARTS are all “transformed” into Homeland Security FEMA DEATH and Workers and Concentration CAMPS of all we so called “U.S. Citizens” cause these American Citizens spoken of by them TV Talking Heads from the Religions to the Politicians to their Ilk these “Hollow People” of Hollow Means have force fed the whole “fucking world” too become COMPLACENT and Compliant, so the NEW WORLD ORDER of “the Illuminati” can use the EDISON Machine of “Forced Technology” to bring this place of PURGATORY “once more” into Damnation Alley for any all “too see” whoms might live on` once I am gone…

Johnny Exodice


You might as well enjoy “Social Arrangements” cause one of you must live on to “teach the children” the ways of Pak-Toe for it seems none are able “to counteract” the infestation known as The Racka…


You are the people, so you must Save your Selves…


They are all FREE MASON Lodge members, and they are all making this up “to take your money” so the U.S. FLAG can put “U.S. FLAG” Troops on our streets…


The Commander~


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