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To The Forgotten... #UGEFreedomTour (Part 1)

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Published on 21 Jun 2018 / In Film and Animation

As we traverse the country we have spoke and met with many Americans, we have listened to their stories and their voices have been heard.

We have no longer allowed those who have been forgotten to stay forgotten.....this is dedicated to you.

The mission of the #UGEFreedomTour is to "Take Your Country Back" and that is what we have set out to do. This series will highlight the different parts of the country and the individuals that inhabit them!

Follow us for more and if you would like to join the cause you can donate at gofundme.com/UGEFreedomTour

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Five by Five Six
Five by Five Six 5 months ago

Server seems pretty slow to load the video today. Is there anything we can be doing to contribute to the scaling of the platform?

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Micah Johns
Micah Johns 6 months ago

Will there be an analytics portion of the account dashboard in the future? So we can see which videos are getting the most traffic, ad revenue, etc?

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76Highboy Reloading
76Highboy Reloading 6 months ago

You are needed and your mission is direct into the path of resistance. This is why we need to stand for our Second Amendment and as we can see our Second Amendment has been partially pulled from the wall. We need to be the ones to to hang it back up... RESPECTFULLY without APOLOGY!!! Much of our civilization has been mind bleached and we need to bring truth to their very eyes. It won't happen by being complacent. It will only happen by bold Americans. This video speech should win the real Grammy Award. I stand with my fellow patriots. Patriot: A person who loves his or her country and supports its interests and policies: the contention that true patriots would be willing to do anything for their country... even give their life... That is true compassion that was demonstrated through the entire duration of the United States of America. We shall never forget nor back down. Highboy

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BearCat Channel
BearCat Channel 6 months ago

Absolutely incredible piece of work. Great Job!

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