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TNOJC Accuses Me And Brett Keane Of Being Shills

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Published on 05 Dec 2019 / In News and Politics

Apologist Justin Derby responds to a recent video by Truth News Of Jesus Christ where TNOJC accuses Justin of being a shill, and determines that because Brett Keane is a friend of Justin, he must be a shill too.

Brett Keane pushes Big Bang and Anti National Socialist propaganda and does not talk about agendas:

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 7 months ago

When my ENEMY is still not Dead…

To all in The Society of nonmason, and my People of Pak-Toe… Even though this place is called PURGATORY it was not made by any G.O.D. and it is just one Celestial Sphere among many that we once were free to see, and travel, and traverse, and as I watch these FREE MASON Slave Populations as they must Dress a Certain Way… Talk a Certain Way……., and Lie all the Lies of FAKE SPACE – Fake Religions – Fake Governments……, and their False Gods….., we see this is nothing more then Racka day in and day out…., and even though {we know how they do} the Mud Floods by Studying the Hydrogen Weapons Dropped on Japan in World War Two..., we [nonmason populations] still far outnumber the FREE MASON Lodge Members whom run our towns as PLACED ELECTORATES for we nonmason only pay Taxes to those whom Take our Taxes.., and never Fix our Streets., never Clothe our nonmason Children, and throw away every nonmason Veteran and nonmason Police Officer harmed {while doing a Job} He or She thought was for the Greater Good, and not just more Hollywood ENTERTAINMENT for these Demolay – Jobs Daughters – Rainbow Girls…

With this knowledge, we must {kill all free mason} lodge members for as Secret Societies they are committing SEDITION [in our] Courts as Judges, Lawyers, Public Defenders, FREE MASON C.O.P.S. To those THAT make The RULE OF LAW in our Parliaments – Congress – Senates, and even Kings and Queens and Acting CEO Presidents of the [Made In China] U.S. FLAG, and since your FREE MASON in the World Paramilitaries are all Traitors and {committing Treason} to you my nonmason populations…., then you are Duty Bound by your STATES CONSTITUTIONS and State Boarders and State Militia to {Blow up Buildings} that house ISIS and ISIL and Shriners and York Rite and Scottish Rite and Eastern Star and any other [Jesuit Zionist] ROMAN CATHOLIC Synagogue of Satan names they só do choose be they {Muslim to Buddhists} from Hindu to Zoroaster from só called Christian Protestant to Mormon – Jehovah Witness to TALMUD JEWS!!! For they inject {your bodies} with Hypodermic Needles to say: DO AS WE SAY…., or we FREE MASON Doctors will RED FLAG YOU!!!

At What point my nonmason Populations do you read OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION and say: Earth can be a place of decency??? The TV SET is [not my] Mind Control anymore…., and I do not need Star Wars and Star Trek to know NASA and China and Russia and all UNITED NATIONS FLAGS {are Faking Space} on the TV Screen using the Simplistic Magical Sorcery known to mankind…., and that is [Painted Pictures] that become Moving Pictures that we call COMPUTER GRAPHIC Video Game IMAGES……. You have never been to Mars my nonmason Romantic Warriors, the CGI went to mars with Toy Cars like The Moon Buggy in the 1960’s as you thought YOU Were Walking on the Moon back in them {Hollywood TV Shows} where Russia and China and no one since have ever made an INTERNATIONAL MOON BASE like the old 1970’s Space 1999 TV Show??? Once you know [The Pyramid Scheme] is to take all you have and that is not just your MONEY…., but your thoughts, your hopes, and your dreams, and say: Save up for RETIREMENT even though {Your Corporeal Body} is no good after 50 years of age…

Let the Fools [of this world] chase the SLAVE POPULATIONS whom are these FREE MASON in The Magazines, these Pretenders in the NASA Space T-Shirts, These só called Players whom are {only playing themselves} cause we all still DIE…., and if we ain’t enjoying our life right now cause [everyone wants to play] a FREE MASON Angle??? Then they are the Fools!!! They are the LOST!!! THEY ARE THE DAMMED, and that is what them FREE MASON Lodges don’t want you to figure out… That the {FREE MASON} Are The Profane!!! Their only purpose in PURGATORY is to LIE ABOUT EVERYTHING…., and make you chase Silver and Gold that grows in the Dirt… We have ways to kill [any free mason slave] we see for they take our nonmason children and do PizzaGATE to them, and for that as {The Commander} of the Brown Coats of the Grey Gloves it feels well to let loose of {a dead broken neck} of a FREE MASON Lodge Member whom raped my child to death…. You stand by nonmason and be a SLAVE to these FREE MASON, but we [The Society of nonmason] are done playing chumps!!!

Johnny Exodice

P.S. Fuck the COLONY Season One - Trump Wall… The RED Hand…


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