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TIME Portal Device still operational in our Post MUD Flood Simulator... 🦊

Johnny Exodice
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Published on 22 Sep 2020 / In Film and Animation

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

Transmutation and Transfiguration

Words have meaning….., and Feelings` not Logic’ dictates the interpretation and definition of the words we use and speak…..., and the less words you know…., the less you shall be able too access Magix + Alchemy = Sorcery… You would do well to fill your mind with as many words as your Processor will allow you to hold……., and then keep writing down New Words…, and Big Words till you can install them into your mainframe…….., and you must seek out the ramification markers in your dreams whilst you sleep’ for this place of PURGATORY is A Machine called the Great Work.., and we are all born into it……..., and we can all achieve Enlightenment., and Illumination to the Point that we become [Jedi Knights] #QANON /_\ doing Enchantments and even using the Force known as Telekinesis!!! Since we live in A Construct known as these {Virtual Reality} [{**}] Holographic Lives we all do so live, what would you learn too STOP the Racka from feeding off our Human Energy known as Pak-Toe???

In this POST MUD FLOOD, and latest RESET of the world, we have watched the TV Shows dictate our [ideologies] / * \ of the many, but “WE ARE” have maintained exclusion from the Mind Control of PROJECT BLUE BEAM……., and we Humans are more “aware” [{*}] of these nonhuman whom run every FREE MASON Lodge in every Country as an (Invasion Force) where the FLAG is their primary IN YOUR FACE we took your rights away, and made all nonmason Populations – People – Persons SLAVES to Idolatry be that American Idol to Russian Idol too Made In China Worship, and when you have Heroes, you are to Worship them that do WAR IS MURDER when “murder” is something only Humans can do to Humans, and knowing this, we might be able to “redirect” these next 10,000 years if we become proficient in PRE MUD FLOOD Technology, and we will…

After The Pre World War of 1853 to 1854 the U.S. Flag changed….., and anyplace you see that U.S. FLAG of the U.N. Troops shows whom has these “Mercenaries” in our Countries be it Asia, The Middle EAST, Africa, Europe, The Baltic, India, and these 50 STATES FOR AMERICA where we do not see our “State Flags” on our Military aka The Coast Guards and The National Guards, nor do we see OUR STATES FLAGS on our Capitals where them [Statues Stand] even in the USofA where Statues adorn a majority of CAPITAL Buildings in a Capitalistic Federalist COMMUNIST “Socialist System” of Socialites telling WE THE PEOPLE what to do when All Politics and All Governments are A Religion Unto themselves…..., as they use our Employment Money to do WAR IS MURDER with OUR paid employees: The Military of our CORPORATION “Conspirator” FLAGS of the U.N. international mafia of FREE MASON Lodge Members!!!

That spoken, you do need to look in your Cities aka The CAPITAL CITIES of each State – Nation – Country FLAG and seek out Small Old World Buildings “like this one” in ATLANTA GEORGIA exclusion of the USA or U.S. FLAG Predominance in our Southern Republic… Each State Flag is the CAPITAL FLAG of your Home Land, and the U.S. FLAG is not your homeland, it is an OCCUPATION FORCE of the U.N. “World Police” known as Peacekeepers, and they put that god dammed U.S. FLAG everywhere and anyplace they can, but you must know your STATE FLAG “supersedes” the U.S. FLAG that was only made for a CONFEDERATION known as Republican/Democratic [Control] of your 50 States Navies – Marines – Army, and Air Force, but do you see YOUR National “Identity” STATE FLAG on any Military – Militia – Guards., or even Local Police?.?.?

Johnny Exodice

The Reason you have no State Flags on your Police Cars, Police Helicopters, National and Coast Guard is because YOU The People of each State Flag have allowed the “U.N. Troops” and their U.S. FLAG of the United Nations INTERNATIONALIST of FREE MASON Lodges to put that “U.S. FLAG” on Your Police, Youse States Militaries, and even above Your STATES FLAGS cause the U.S. FLAG is High Treason – Sedition – Treachery known as a WAR TIME FLAG…..., and this “U.S. FLAG” wants WAR IS MURDER, and that is why “These People” our Doppelganger Populations from the Other Side of FLAT EARTH own all the “TV Shows” called The {NEWS} World Order…

The Sentinel…


In my Dream I was with Pickard of Star Treachery, and I was using the FORCE of Star Wars to show him “We The People” do have Powers of Observation, and we know we live inside a Celestial Sphere as Celestial Beings……., and the Reason they Dug into the Grounds after the LAST MUD FLOOD Breakdown of the A.I. was too Retrieve the A.I. and have it {teach us} how to Rebuild Rockets aka ICBM Nuclear Hydrogen Weapons, and how to Rebuild all “The Tech” of NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN in our SIMULATION Encampment… That said, in ATL there is a Small hidden in plain Sight “Portal” that allows you to Traverse the {TIME LINES} in this Never Ending Oraborus De-Ja-Vu Curse…


The Society of nonmason~


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