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Tim and Cheri McGaffin achieving highest award AGAIN (2nd Time), LIVE on stage (Enagic, Kangen Water💦 company)

Published on 20 Dec 2019 / In People and Blogs

WHOO HOO! We did it AGAIN! Thanks to YOU! Timothy and Cheri McGaffin being recognized on stage for achieving highest individual rank (6A) in Enagic, the Kangen Water company for a 2nd time!

You can get your own Kangen Water machine for $45 or less a month.

God answers prayers!
Miracles are happening!
Champions Never Quit!
The Truth Always Triumphs in the end!
Stand Up For Freedom!
Triumph and Victory is ours!

Never never never never never never never never never quit!

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#ChampionsNeverQuit #NeverNeverNeverQuit #WaterOfChampions

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