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Thoughts on Maritime Admiralty Law, how we were turned into products of the corporation long ago.

Published on 26 Oct 2020 / In News and Politics

Martime admiralty law, the Jordan Maxwell material is a must for every American to watch. "We must understand words, if you put an S in front of words it becomes swords." (Jordan Maxwell)
I remember watching a video years ago where it was alleged that your social security card is actually an account of some kind that is traded on the stock exchanges somewhere and there was a way to access it. I could not understand what that way was. I hear rumors that we may at some future time gain access to whatever monies are in these accounts since they are technically ours and that the federal reserve system and the larger scam is the reason we should have access to all the stolen monies taken from us our whole lives. I guess we shall see how things shake out as they say. More to come hopefully.


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