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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 62 Views
Published on 16 Jan 2020 / In Film and Animation

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 3 months ago

If they do not Say FLAT EARTH is real…., then they are your “ROBOTIC” Enemies..., and they have been Wiped on the INSIDE…..., and you are no longer Dealing with a REAL Person…., but just a “CLONE” of them..., and their Symbiots…. Sadly.., like TRUMPS WIFE., the more the EYES Stay Solid, the more “The EDISON” Controls and Commanders their Every Move like that LOGUNS RUN Movie making Logun “try to find” SANCTUARY…. Prepare for the MUD FLOODS for only Androids and Mechanization “would continue” this VIDEO GAME that will kill all Biological Life..., and they have no Regrets, but they will…


P.S. Do not sign any petitions for THESE “INTERNATIONALIST” GLOBALIST MACHINE PEOPLE {Controls all Nations} +=+ Governments, and the PEOPLE whom made The EDISON are The [FREE MASON] / * \ Lodge Members in your Home Towns…

DO NOT GO TO ANY PROTEST {for they do not know} [{**}] who we are, what we are, or where we are... [{*}]

REMEMBER they BLINK “too much” cause it is a FLAW in the Replication Process in the Esoteric "UNSEEN" Spirit world we Celestial Beings all live as IMMATERIAL IMMORTALS!!!

The Society of nonmason~



Go here and tell me how many are NOT just A.I. Talk Bots in these Chat Boxes??? Jeppo Jinx~


Them “5G TOWERS and Tech” are also SOUND WAVE WEAPONS that will {melt your brains} inside your skulls…. ENJOY the end of an Age, and then the NEW CONTROLLERS Come….

At 7:59 YOU WILL [WANT ACCESS] to the Old Tunnels when WEATHER WEAPONS, and the repeat of the Great Nuclear Hydrogen War of 1853 A.D. happens in 2020 C.E.


P.S. we need to do a “THUMBS DOWN” ON ALL YouTUBE to see how many are actually “REAL HUMANS” and Not GOLEM BOTS with their Fake Fake NUMBERS!!!!

Timothy Smith…


Finally, just know this… THE MACHINES can Fake Emotions, but they can’t turn off their BLINKING or that their Eyes that go “SOLID BLACK” as GOLEM PEOPLE…. Such is Life~

I still do not hear….?, We lied about FAKE SPACE and “SPACE FORCE” is going to kill all on Both Sides of our FLAT DUAL EATH “inside this” Celestial Sphere?????

Yet TRUMP wants you to ENJOY your RELIGIONS on {Religious FREEDOM Day} that actually means it is TIME TO WALK Away from all Relgions…., and START Talking to your inner symbiots for even though this place is PURGATORY [for them] for all time…., for we whom come here, we just get one LESSON… Learn to be honest and “help those” among you for at the end of it all and when there is No Music, No Dance, and No Companions or HEALING Friendships, Than what were you doing with your {Last 70 YEARS} of your One Life Time to “Learn the Lesson” of Reconsideration – Reconciliation – REDEMPTION…., só we can be done with the Up and Down of the STOCK MARKETS and all this Buy and CONSUME STUFF, but always YOU MUST BE ALONE, and Emotionally Disconnected even from your own mind???? To all world LEADERS if your are NOT a GOLEM, then Join OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION COALITION and “teach your people” and your populations Our TRUE HOME WORLD of Purgatory, and do not end up going to a “WORSE PLACE” then this when you leave...


The Parasites want to wipe out all BLUE AND GREEN EYED PEOPLE... and RH Blood Type....


This will explain why MEN MUST DIE and to be certain the Majority of White and Blue and Green Eyed People and Any BROWN People with Blue and Green or even just RH Blood Type for you give birth to The Protectors…. The Oracle for the End of An Age connected to The Source of All Creation has spoken…



P.S. I guess if you live on after the NEXT Reboot if this is Not PURGATORY these will be used to raise The Children to REPOPULATE the world só THE EDISON can feed off them and their energy...



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