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Conscious Mind's
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Published on 07 Jul 2020 / In Film and Animation

"This is the SCAM of the century"

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Marymike 29 days ago

I can only hope that my life will be over soon. I pray that prayer nightly that maybe God will take me during the night. I have no courage anymore. What I do have is contempt and disgust for the BLM movement. That there seems to be no belief that every life matters. That nefarious and egregious people can come into my life and I dont know it until now. I'm 65 years young a retired RN of 43 years who gave everything and now all I can hope for is death to go on to a better place of love and true devotion to God to those I will be with to a new world without deception and liars.

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Nero Lowell
Nero Lowell 28 days ago

Well thats what they want and actually you help them bc they want to decrease the world population and a big part of their agenda

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TopRed 30 days ago

At 07:05 when you said, "Facebook is a surveillance company, and their PRODUCT IS YOU"! Literally sent chills down my spine! Very powerful video! Thank you, good sir, thank you!

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