This Insolent Woman Drove On The Sidewalk Each Day – So The Judge Shamed Her In An Unforgettable Way

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Published on 07 Aug 2018 / In Entertainment

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When one shameless woman drove on the side walk each and every day, her actions infuriated people. They couldn’t understand how she could get away with her dangerous driving for so long. But when the woman’s punishment finally came, the judge made sure to teach her a lesson that she wouldn’t forget.

Shena Hardin comes from Cleveland, Ohio. She is a mom to a daughter and apparently keen to set a good example. However, in 2012 she made an error in judgement that she would live to regret.
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Like many moms, Hardin took care of her kid’s school run. Seemingly, she was keen to get her daughter there on time so that she could start the day right. However, to do so, she cut corners. Literally.

Each day, Hardin passed a school bus in her car. The bus would stop at an intersection in order to drop some kids off, and when it stopped, the road would be too narrow for traffic to pass on the other side.


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