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This Grandma Left The Kids Playing In Her Yard. Then She Heard Two Pit Bulls Frantically Barking

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Published on 10 Jul 2018 / In Entertainment

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One sunny Sunday in August 2017, Melissa Butt had her grandkids over to her place in the Thonotosassa area of southwest Florida. Although Butt was elsewhere in the yard, she could hear the children having the time of their lives playing with her two dogs. And while she knew that her pit bulls could look after the kids, her blood ran cold when she heard the commotion from outside. You see, the dogs were barking wildly, and they sounded really angry.

Butt, 47, is an animal lover and the human mother of two young dogs – nine-month-old Paco and three-year-old Slayer. And both of her furbabies are, in fact, pit bulls. Originally bred to “bait” bulls, the breed of dog has been vilified in recent years for its violence and aggression.
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Despite the undeserved bad reputation of the pit bull breed, though, Butt describes her dogs as “100 percent family.” And they are certainly great companions for her grandson and granddaughter, Zayden and Mallory. Indeed, on August 13, 2017, Paco and Slayer were doing a great job of entertaining the kids in Butts’ yard.

It was a lovely sunny afternoon, and 18-month-old Mallory and four-year-old Zayden were glad to be outside playing with the dogs. Butt herself was elsewhere in the garden, although she was close enough to the group to hear a sudden disturbance. Yes, Slayer and Paco, who were about three feet from the front door of the house, suddenly started making frantic sounds.


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