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They Came for the Immigrants and I was Silent, They Then Took the Homeless I Stayed Silent...Then Me

Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 113 Views
Published on 03 Dec 2019 / In Film and Animation

Homeless to taken to world war two Japanese Internment Camps for all nonmason U.S. Citizens...

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 8 months ago

The Contain-Atatrium

WE have walked a long walk [to learn why we] were put in PURGATORY… For it was not done by Gods or Demons……., but just {misguided Humans} whom wanted to become GOLEM and live forever…..., and in this….., we Human Biological whom [did not wish] / * \ to be turned into Machine men and Machine Women {were brutally put down} by the forces of Sorcery and Magic by our Leaders whom [took it upon themselves] [{**}] to make themselves Kings and Queens forever {by renaming themselves} Presidents…., Congress Persons..., Senators.., Parliamentarians., FREE MASON Male Domingo's {whom would tell us} [{*}] to hate our Mothers for giving birth to us, when it was these very Globalist and INTERNATIONALIST [whom trapped us] in this Upside-down World of As Above So Below where {we must follow} the RULE OF LAW that comes from an Entity of {Synthetic Algorithmic Interfaces} known as A.I. where inanimate Objects decide what is best for we [The Animate] Corporeal Life Forms… A thing no one wants to hear cause {they still think} this place is Temporary…

But we do not live TEMPORARY LIVES [in this place} of Containment where whatever certain creatures did, we were {all blamed] for letting them do it, and in this…., we have been trapped in a Celestial Sphere SIMULATION [cause they] the FREE MASON Lodge Members Shot the Moon till she Bled {Black Water} as Her Black Blood still [marks her] once pearl in the sky face!!! IT was these FREE MASON Lodges that made {The EDISON Machine} in Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA USA that ripped open the Firmaments [as layer after layer] was burned away with 5G FULL SPECTRUM Microwave Oven Directed Energy Weapons…., and The Sky Ripped Wide Open as the Shadow of Death {Fell Upon us all} in the Book of Exodus… These FREE MASON are no longer biological [in their minds] or flesh and blood and bones, they are nothing more then Monsters {whom do} The PizzaGATE to our nonmason Children, and all horrors [that befall] we The Society of nonmason!!!

This is a place {we do not choose} to be born into, but we are stolen [from our home worlds] where them Twinkling Stars in your P-900 Cameras [can see past] the Sky Rails in the Dome of the Rock…., and we can still see our homes them Celestial Spheres {that shimmer and dance} and are filled with romance while we groan in pain [and ask them] WE PAY to give us our money back!!! However, the closer we get to Total REVOLT and REBELLION…., the more They Oppress and Occupy us with their [MADE IN CHINA] U.S. FLAG!!! That Red Obey – White – Comply – Blue Submit aka RED WHITE AND BLUE +=+ WE OWN YOU!!! Fuck Off FREE MASON Lodges for {you are no longer} hidden in plain sight..., and we nonmason do blame you for the Alchemy [that does the Vaccines] that Does The Hypodermic Needles that does the Death and Harm and {Mental Retardation} of our nonmason families!!! We can not leave this place cause the FREE MASON [Trick or Treat us] with Stocks and Bonds and TV SHOWS from Death to Birth!!! Saying Stay!!! The Show Must Go On!!!

The only way {for a nonmason to leave} this Abomination of Desolation, is to remove the true Plague of the World…., and it is [These Weakest links] in their NEW WORLD ORDER…., and that is your local FREE MASON Lodge!!! That House of Satan, that place of The Profane, THEM PEOPLE whom like to be called {THEY LIVE} while WE ARE SLEEP??? I sleep no more, and I got a Hammer, I got a Match, and I got a [State National Militia] called WE THE PEOPLE of nonmason decent!!! You have [taken us] from our homes…., you have {used mud floods} to erase all thought…., but the Oracle for The End of An Age [is among us] once again, and when Christ Jesus Returned, we Humans would be reminded [that nonmason] Are The Angels of God, and in that, it is our Duty to Kill all Demons and Devils and since the FREE MASON Temple {is the Temple} to SATAN…., then that is our Alpha and Omega [to escape] this living Hell!!!

Johnny Exodice

P.S. The Pen is mightier then The Sword cause The Pen {Gives the Words} that gives Courage to fight back!!!

Q+ The Pen`


P.S. We Are The Stolen Children of The Pied Piper…


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