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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 141 Views
Published on 10 Aug 2020 / In Film and Animation

Teacher…, what is your CONVALESCENCE with Majestic 12.?.?.? It seems the more we know we are in PURGATORY` The more Purgatory will show WE THE PEOPLE the way home by way “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition…. For whatever reason, the 9 last times of 10,000 years did not bring Favor From The Source of All Creation, nor the Source of All Destruction, so we all became the MADNESS known as Thesis – Antithesis – Synthesis, and this is why Purgatory was created where the North Star is always the North Star on this side of FLAT EARTH, but our Doppelgangers come from the Other Side of FLAT EARTH where there must be not a South Pole, but the Other Side of our Celestial Sphere known as the SOUTH STAR, and whence we are all nothing more then Immaterial Immortals, our Doppelgangers of AS ABOVE / SO BELOW do not reflect We The People in our Flesh and Blood and Bones, but only in the ESOTERIC World of our Thoughts, and Memories, and OUR Celestial Beings for [are not we] /_\ all filled with GOOD and EVIL, and if we were to create a way to destroy the {Ying and Yang} +=+ of life known as Chaos, then ORDER would and could NEVER Be redeemed for without BALANCE there is no time of rest, or redemption, or REGRETS for the things WE THE PEOPLE have done by disobeying the RULE OF LAW known as them 10 Commandments, and we have lied to our own souls, our own spirits, and our own “beings” as CELESTIAL BEINGS inside this TEMPORARY Virtual Reality Holographic Simulation DREAM we keep waking up too “known as” THE GREAT WORK the Celestial Sphere we all come to by way of CONCEPTION, and then Birthed out of our Mothers Wombs as the Seeds of our Fathers, and for our TRANSGRESSION against all Creation and All Destruction, we were put here to “learn the lesson” of the NARROW PATH in the Gospels of Christ Jesus 1.0 and as Christ Jesus 2.0 I was Chosen by the S.W.O.R.D. of God and Satan to “redeem any” whom wants to go home, condemn the many whom live ONLY for Vanity, and Vogue, and Fashion with their “Petty Thoughts” and their Petty Ways Worshiping METALS and STONES that grow in the Hallowed Grounds of OUR FATHER EARTH as OUR Mother Heaven has “wept tears” of madness and sadness each time one of we their children did WAR IS MURDER, and the only ones we hurt “and condemn” in the NEW TESTAMENT book of Revelation is one another for we refuse to Share because [we prefer] [Q’] DISTINCTION known as Capitalism that leads to Communism that leads to Socialism that leads to FEDERALISM and has made this Prison we have encapsulated our people only “too become” more Tyrannicidal as TYRANNY will destroy all life and death in the END OF TIME at 2094 C.E. It did not have to be this way as ODDTV sang, for had we just been INDUSTRIALIST “we would have” healed the lands, the seas, and even the Face of the MOON Scarred with Weapons of old “that being” our Past and Present and Future Lives in this NEVER ENDING Oraborus Curse… The Book of EXODICE!!!


WE THE PEOPLE did this to ourselves, and now we either Go Home whence we die, REPEAT for all time every 222 Years, or become the Life Force for PURGATORY in the 2nd Lake of Fire where we are Sacrificed to S.A.T.A.N. too feed the G.O.D. of all these Waring Nations in their never ending madness as The Cursed, The Dammed, and The Forsaken….


This place may not be real, but your PERSON being Trapped here if you do not REPENT is very very real, and the Holy ROLE PLAYING Bible is the GAMES Blue Print, and the only way to win this GAME of Purgatory, is to STOP Playing the Game of TV SCREENS where all you see is THEY LIVE want you to ACT LIKE THEM!!! LOOK LIKE THEM!!!! and Be Like Them when they are the EVIL SPIRITS in them Temporal Human Looking Body Avatars… Only Real People can think for them selves, and they do not have to do WHAT the TV U-Tube Talking Heads do… WE DO NOT ACT like them!!!!

The Sentinel…

The Book of Daniel…


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