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the two types of covid19 vaccines and their dangers compared to the COVID threat.mp4

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Published on 10 Aug 2020 / In Film and Animation

the two types of covid19 vaccines and their dangers compared to the COVID threat

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Ted B
Ted B 1 month ago

I concur with most of that. There is a clip of vaccine developer/advocate Peter Hotez addressing congress 3-5-2020, where he warns of the danger of "immune enhancement" with "respiratory vaccines". It was first observed in the 1960's when 2 vaccinated children died after exposure to the virus. Hotez encountered the same problem with animal experiments. He stressed the need for extreme caution with such vaccines, that they should not be rushed out. It would be absurd in the extreme to say that it would be unethical to "challenge" those who have taken an experimental vaccine with the disease, and then vaccinate and expose (challenge) the entire world population to the disease.
There are actually two new types of vaccine being developed/trialed being DNA and RNA. Both cause cells to become "vaccine factories, "big" and small" respectively. I understand both can be considered to cause genetic modification. The DNA type have to penetrate the nucleus of the cell, hence the need for a special type of 3 pronged syringe to deliver a simultaneous electric charge. It is said that these vaccines are cheap and easy to produce. But after many years of development, none have yet to come to the market. So clearly there are major issues including, as one might expect, autoimmune responses. The literature appears to be vague about the precise nature of these problems.
Several powerful/influential people advocate forced vaccination, if necessary, "at the point of a gun". Trump's willingness to use the Military to "distribute" the vaccine is alarming. I do no believe this is about one useless vaccine. It is about installation of a "tattoo"/ RFID chip for tracking and medical monitoring and control. This is simply the first of a never ending stream of medications and in all probability, DNA alteration. They will go as far as they can get way with.
It is clear that the current strain of Covid is mild, presuming it does exist. Trouble is, the US Army (and others) has been experimenting with the transfer of viruses from animals (including bats) to humans, for many years. Enhancing the lethal effects of a disease is known quaintly as "gain of function". The major level 4 labs are at Fort Detrick and Wuhan. We can be certain that they (US, China) have a whole range of viruses/diseases available to them to leak as required, ranging from mild to deadly. Bill Gates has warned us to expect a possible "bio weapon" in September. One way or another, they need to ratchet the panic up so all will clamor for the vaccine.
We are all stunned by the speed at which they are moving in this, the year of "Agenda 21". The only things that could stop/delay them it seems are a major reaction from the people (extremely unlikely), a technical glitch such as a vaccine problem...... or, "an act of God". (as He did at Babel)
I too welcome any correction/comment.

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