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THE TRUTH ABSOLUTE (From "A Return to the Garden") - Thus says The Lord, The Risen One...

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Published on 13 Aug 2020 / In Film and Animation

- THE VOLUMES OF TRUTH: A Return to the Garden - https://www.thevolumesoftruth.....com/From_The_Volumes
- Text excerpts from: "THE TRUTH ABSOLUTE" - https://www.thevolumesoftruth.....com/The_Truth_Absolu

*A Return to the Garden - Video Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playli....st?list=PLSVchFJ22QY

4/7/06 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Video Text: "Thus says The Lord, The Risen One: Give heed to My words and understand. For as I had spoken to My friends in times past, so now do I also speak to you. For the time has come and is coming and is already here, when all signs and wonders shall be made manifest, when all prophecy shall be fulfilled. Rejoice, for your redemption draws near! And though the time of great sorrows has come in, hold fast, for these days shall be shortened... No more pain, no more tears, no more death, all sorrows passing away, rebirth, a time of refreshing which shall never end.

Therefore, remember My words and have peace:

One God...

One Son, The Only Way to The Father...

One Truth, One Word, One Messiah, One Spirit;
One Food, One Bread and One Drink...

One Body...

Of which I am all,
The All in All...


- The Way, The Truth, The Life: http://answersonlygodcangive.c....om/The_Way,_The_Trut
- The Messiah: http://answersonlygodcangive.com/The_Messiah
- THERE IS NO OTHER: http://answersonlygodcangive.com/THERE_IS_NO_OTHER
- I Am The Lord, I Do Not Change: http://answersonlygodcangive.c....om/I_Am_The_Lord,_I_
- Regarding the Day of The Lord: http://answersonlygodcangive.c....om/Regarding_the_Day

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