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Johnny Exodice
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Published on 08 Feb 2020 / In Film and Animation




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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago


You should be well and glad my Pak-Toe People and Persons that these “Racka” did not destroy all the OLD MOVIES when they burned down them Movies in them Old Fires “too” DESTROY all the News from 1930 all the way back to 1893 where our {Parents and Friends} and Loved Ones were put into Asylums of Ark-ham as [is the way] these FREE MASON Doctors and Practitioners ROLL on we the nonmason populations!!! That is why FREE MASON “Trump and Pence” made all these RED FLAG LAWS to deny you my nonmason “Americans” the Right to Due Process!!!

They just #1013 you as it is called in “Georgia USA“ by a Fucking FREE MASON C.O.P.S. aka Capitalism Over Personal Sovereignty….., and then the Teachers in Elementary to Middle to “High Schools” whom are FREE MASON Lodge Members “be they” MALE and FEMALE to even Dentist and Doctors and LAWYERS have you taken away as Mentally Ill just by “declaring you are” to other FREE MASON Kids and “Fucks” in your home towns!!!!

So, as we look at this old TRAINS of the Los Angeles TROLLEY, it does not give a date, but I would say these “Beautiful” TRAINS and Rails are being “recovered” after the GREAT Nuclear Hydrogen War of 1853 T.L. to 1854 T.L. and you can see there was só much Dust and Muck and Pools of [Soupy Water] cause these NUCLEAR HYDROGEN BOMBS can be as small as “any mixture” of Hydrogen Gas and Oxygen Gas in a {Propane Tank} to go into 1 Block of Destruction like them 50 Houses BLEW UP in “Boston Massachusetts” when these FREE MASON Lodge members of the U.S. FLAG GOVERNMENT “Pumped” Hydrogen Gas into the GAS MAINS to blow up our nonmason “U.S. Citizen” people to Liquid Oxygen and Liquid Hydrogen that can make “10 MILE Wide” Bombs and Decimate even a STAR FORT “the size of” the City of NEW YORK to St Peterborough in Russia to “look at” Belgrade to Istanbul in Turkey???


Do you want them “FREE MASON Lodges” in your home towns to “MUD FLOOD” us once more using Plasma Beam and Bombs at 10,000 Kelvin…..., and then destroy all our nonmason “Knowledge” and Memories…..., and make our “nonmason” Children WORSHIP them, and their FREE MASON Religions, Their FREE MASON Governments, and Their FREE MASON “illuminated” ENTERTAINMENTS “of this” never ending Hollywood and Bollywood of Up and Down FREE MASON [INTERNATIONALIST] Stocks and Bonds?…?….?, for you do not “OWN” anything if it is used “too own you” with THEIR Incubus and Succubus “Ink on Paper” RULE OF LAWS you have no say in….


P.S. only do trade in “3D Printed” Gold / Silver / Copper Leaf and Coins….


And Yes!!! Q-Anon Took out the Cobe “BURGER” Pentagram STAR MAN!!! ha ha ha

The Society of nonmason~



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