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▶️ The Top 5 Blockchain Platforms I Grew On In January | EP#254

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Published on 12 Feb 2020 / In People and Blogs

While doing my monthly recap report I noticed that some blockchain platforms I use, I grew on much more noticeably than others. While gaining followers isn’t the number one indication of channel growth, nor does it mean the platform is the best platform, I wanted to share the top 5 I grew on and do a brief summary of each to hopefully give you some insight.

Full blog: https://www.publish0x.com/at-s....cottcbusiness/the-to

Publish0x – 1,158 followers
You’ve probably seen me talk about this platform before. Publish0x has seen a lot of growth in 2020 compared to last year. If you check out their stats you can see a huge increase starting in January: https://www.publish0x.com/stats. This may have had a profound effect on my growth here, so I figured it was worth mentioning.

With regards to the platform itself, it’s awesome and is easily one of the most consistent and profitable platforms to post on. Previous criticisms have been that it’s mainly crypto focused, but as it grows, I am sure more people will get themselves set up across various categories and interests. Given it’s crypto-agnostic, you can also feel a lot more confident in the platform itself to continue on without any token related problems and you’ll be able to diversify with multiple coins earned from tips which are donated by sponsors.

LBRY - 321 followers
A lot of people have been flocking to LBRY given the issues happening on YouTube, specifically the crypto purge in December. You may have seen me previously talk about this in my review or my interview with their CEO. The platform is a great example of a decentralized video hosting application. With the latest issues happening in the crypto space, they’ve seen a huge influx of new members and the value of their coin LBC has gone up significantly in line with recent events.

They are also running a campaign to get new users and have already seen over 100,000 new users in just February so far apparently. While you can use their website https://beta.lbry.tv/ to navigate and do most of the things you may need to do as an administrator for your content and you have full access to everything as a user, you are unable to upload big files without downloading and installing the application itself on your computer. I know this will be a bit of a resistance point, but many people can also just take advantage of the YouTube sync for their channel. LBRY also pays out monthly to users based on their YouTube subscriber count just for publishing and syncing with the platform. For me that equates to about 2$ a month or so based on the current value of LBC which is cool even though it’s not much. You also receive about 1-5 LBC per view along with tips every day. To sync on with YouTube, check out https://lbry.com/youtube.

COS.TV – 174 followers
COS.TV is a much newer less widely known alternative video hosting platform. The infrastructure feels similar to Steem with vested power and the way voting takes place. It utilizes POP points and COS cryptocurrency running on the Contentos network. You can check out their content platform here: https://cos.tv/
It has a very similar layout to YouTube with many different search filters you can utilize to find new videos and content you’d like to watch. It’s not the most profitable, but with the need for better video hosting alternatives growing, so is their userbase, and most importantly, so is mine.

SoMee – 115 friends

https://somee.social/ is an awesome platform that feels like a crypto version of Facebook using the ONG blockchain. One downside to Somee is that you cannot withdraw your earning without certifying and paying $100. Soon they will allow you to use your earnings to pay for the certification so that you can withdraw your earnings which is still not the greatest fix, but since I’ve earned about 150$ of Somee in about 2 months, I figured it’s not so bad. My concern is just with having access to your funds. Anyways, it’s growing fast and gaining a lot of traction, so regardless of what I just wrote you may still want to give it a go.

Flote – 214 followers

The Flote app at https://flote.app/ is a very simple yet unique platform that feels like Twitter mixed with a crypto Patreon. Some great features they have are subscription tiers with BTC, easy to make wallets, live streaming with no fees including superchat, encrypted messenger, and all the features you’d expect on a content platform. Flote is growing fast and is new as well. I’ve already got $3 of monthly supporters and I’m very grateful. I’ve also done an interview with Kingsley Edwards who is the CEO and founder which I highly recommend you check out if your interested still.

Let me know what you think about this in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe!

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