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Renaud Be
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Published on 11 Aug 2020 / In Film and Animation

Created in 1933 by Harry Steeger, the Spider was the millionaire playboy Richard Wentworth. The Spider's earliest costume consisted of a simple black domino mask, black hat, and cape. Later in the series, he had more of a vampire-like appearance with fangs, to terrorize the criminal underworld, while the Spider dispensed his brand of violent vigilante justice, often stamping their corpses' foreheads with his "Spider" mark. In this 1941 movie serial version, the Spider costume with web on his mask and cape, shows to have been an inspiration for decades later to come Spider-Man, from Marvel Comics, and if that is not obvious enough, Spider-Man also had a super-villain by the name of Octopus, as well as the Scorpion, the Red Mandarin, the Gargoyle, the Bat Man and the Iron Man; I think that Marvel Stan Lee and others comic book creators, were huge fan of the Pulp magazines as a kids and they were greatly inspired from them. As for the Spider Master Of Men, Richard Wentworth also ventured into the underworld disguised as small-time hood Blinky McQuade, in order to gain needed information. In this second film serial of 1941, the Spider was played again by Warren Hull, Nita Van Sloan was played by Mary Ainslee and Ram Singh by Kenne Duncan. In more recent years, reprints of old Spider adventures from Girasol Pulp Doubles were releases, as well as new novels and graphic novels from Moonstone Books, and from Dynamite, some comic book adaptations, including major crossover events, also involving the Green Hornet, the Avenger, Doc Savage, the Shadow, Black Bat, Green Lama, Black Terror and others.


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