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The Quakes- I Miss You

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Published on 19 Apr 2018 / In Music

The Quakes-I Miss You- Paul Roman/Orrexx Publishing ASCAP

I see your face in such a lonely place
but your a million miles away
I've got your photograph
and you've got mine
we said we'd meet again someday

I won't forget you
and I wont let you fade away
I'll run beside you
I may decide to stay
what crazy forces in the universe
are responsible for this
I was rejected when we connected
and you sealed it with your kiss
I wont defy you-Ill be right by you all the way
sometimes it hard to find the words
the words to say

I miss you
more and more each day
I miss you
more than I can say

our fiends think we're crazy
we live so far away
but baby don't you listen
don't you listen to what they say

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