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The Problem with using Food to Train Dogs

Dale McCluskey
Dale McCluskey - 51 Views
Published on 02 Aug 2019 / In Pets and Animals

On this video I discuss the problems associated with using food to train dogs and build the picture of change. Visit www.k9pack.com

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0U8123MTA3 7 days ago

If the dog finds a hidden target during training, the dog sits and waits for a toy or a food and gets praise and excitement.
If the dog finds that no hidden target exists during training, the dog lays belly on the ground and waits for a toy or food and gets mild praise.
These two training scenarios are paired to start with for a given dog so muscle memory is established for when a target exists and when the target does not exist.. When a dog sits, it must whine, growl , keep tongue in mouth or do some additional sign that the target is explosive. A head bowed down indicates a live person is hidden. A sitting dog that whines indicate a deceased person is hidden. If a dog ever gives a false alarm during training, no reward is given until the next correct find and pose is accomplished. A dog must be trained to track missing children and non criminals, A phrase "get good guy" is used in teaching the dog to sit from a distance once a target is identified until the human officers can arrive on scene. Water and food are given immediately to praise the dog and then a toy for the way home. If a criminal is to be hunted, "get bad guy" will let the dog know to attack the target when found. Dog gets treated for injuries, gets water and food and then a toy on the way home. My dog would sleep with me and we would never betray one another

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