The Philosophy of Kreia

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Published on 29 Sep 2018 / In Film and Animation

The character Kreia from the game Knights of the Old Republic 2 is arguably one of the greatest female characters in gaming. However, despite her fame, much of her philosophy has been misunderstood due to the puzzling manner in which the game presents her backstory and motives. This video will serve both as an examination of Kreia's philosophy and her criticisms of the Star Wars universe as a whole.

Chris Avellone famously said in an interview that Knights of the Old Republic 2 was meant to question everything there had to be questioned about Star Wars. This video will be answering those questions.

This video has been five months in the making.

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bodhi_mantra 2 years ago

synchronicity had me stumble on this video after I had only recently written these articles this reality is very strange indeed

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