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The Media Lies About The Ahmaud Arbery Case

bodhi_mantra - 2,549 Views
Published on 09 May 2020 / In Film and Animation

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Amelie 2 months ago

This is honestly so tacky but let's just pretend like you aren't the living breathing epitome of why people dislike the bible belt.
First off, black people killing other black people is bad, yes no one is arguing with that. But to say that and then ignore the fact that most white cops that have abused or got too rough or killed a black man , is just ignorant. Full stop. If you don't think that black people still dont face discrimination/racism, you've never been to georgia. And what bothers me the most about this video is that it's pushing this narrative that "oh the media is lying ahmed threw something" At no point ever is shooting someone and executing them, okay. At no point is executing someone while they hold 0 threat to YOUR life ever okay. If you're going to pretend they didnt hunt him down and kill him. If you're going to pretend like they didnt publicly lynch/ execute him, fine. But dont pretend like media is lying to spin your own racist narrative. I truly hope one day someone backs you into a corner, holds a gun to your head, your only option being to try to get away from it, and then you fail. And he shoots you, executes you. And in your dying breath you will see that there was nothing to justify execution.

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bodhi_mantra 2 months ago

No one cares what you do or do not like or what you think about the truth I'm afraid. This man was not executed he assaulted the men first and was suspected to be possibly carrying a stolen handgun from a previous recent robbery in the area and was carrying weapons at the time, either hammers or a hatchet of some kind. More white people are murdered by cops every year than blacks. I went to University in Georgia friend I lived there for 5 years. You are a perfect example of what the media produces with their lies and anti-white agenda, you have no idea what you are talking about, every detail of everything you said is wrong. You, just like the media, are trying push your narrative completely ignorant of and not caring about the facts. Since you want to wish harm upon others then let me repay your sentiments. I hope someday you are killed by a sniper for the color of your skin like this couple was at cemetery for being white and the countless other whites murdered by blacks every year that the media never covers while lying about these kinds of instances non stop. You are a liar and scumbag please do not visit my channel again . Elderly Couple ASSASSINATED but No Media Coverage, and Jogger Narrative Crumbles? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bUSYAhyI-o New Video Evidence In Ahmaud Arbery Case Emerges, Proves Everyone Is Lying, Emotional, And STUPID https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WljQd53vnOk

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Milotoc 2 months ago

I think the outrage from the shooting, while buffed up by the media, stemmed from a combination of the shooters being white, the fact that it took two month for an arrest to be made, and the odd application of the law that led the men to be free in the first place. Sure, an interpreation of the current law in Georgia could possibly make these men innocent. However, I would prefer not living in a country where a simple misunderstanding could cost me my life. I would think that you would want the same as well, so it would make sense that these men are punished for their actions. Is it as big of a race deal as the Media says? Who knows. Were a man's personal rights violated? I would say so, and I would hope that we could agree on that.

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Bobzest 2 months ago

Shut the fuck up white trash

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bodhi_mantra 2 months ago

Why you so salty bud? Your argument is quite compelling I will think long and hard about it

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houmadi 2 months ago

Dude, we don't have time for the bullshit race division tactics and YOU are promoting more division. The 1% is trying to enslave us ALL - black, white, middle class, poor, Christian, Muslim, Australian, French, EVERY Fuckin body.

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bodhi_mantra 2 months ago

I don't promote anything but the truth here bud, no one forced you to watch the videos here, there are plenty of places that want to lie to you about everything under the sun if you want to go back there you are more than welcome to

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houmadi 2 months ago

You are part of the problem with misinformation. You are no better than the lying democrats and mainstream media. Please take a look at the ACTUAL table from the department of justice - the link is below:

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bodhi_mantra 2 months ago

You appear to be mentally ill friend, perhaps this is not the place for you, everything in this video is true and all the sources are given in this video, you are misinformation

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