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The Mark of the Beast Has come!

Dawn Road
Dawn Road - 442 Views
Published on 02 Jul 2020 / In News and Politics

This video is a look at how RFID technology, Surveillance and social credit scores are being abused to Control people in Countries like China and Kenya.
This video also shows how it leading us closer to the Mark Of The Beast!
China's abhorrent abuses of power and forced organ harvesting shows the future of Christians and what they will face rejecting the Mark.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

The EDISON Machine of Forced SLAVE Labor Technology #QANON [Mechanization] /_\ is doing its best to WIPE OUT all Human Emotional and “Feelings” known as INDEPENDENT Thoughts……., so you The Human Beings WILL OBEY = RED / COMPLY = WHITE / SUBMIT = BLUE shade / ENFORCER = BLACK!!!!

Theretofore, now that you know how “5G EUGENICS” Works in our Human Biological Bodies, these are THE ENEMY of all “nonmason” for look at how all these FREE MASON live off of OUR TAXES as Governmental EMPLOYEES of WE THE PEOPLE in their so [SANITARY] / * \ Ultra Rich Life Styles off the TAXES of the we the people as this (COVID19) PROJECT BLUE BEAM {World Domination Plot} [{**}] goes forward….., and you best know THEM VACCINES will have Clear BLACK GOO to make you and “your offspring” compliant with the UNITED NATIONS of FREE MASON Lodges….

Human GENE EDITING and SOLIDS “Biological” Suppresion VACCINES of (COVID19) 5G Eugenics will be used on ALL HUMANS even the FREE MASON….


In this, there is no Trump or Biden, MADE IN CHINA Xi or Fake Space Moon Landings RUSSIA, but this is PROJECT BLUE BEAM known as JADE HELM 15 continuing EUGENICS Destruction of WE THE PEOPLE to have no more INDEPENDENT Thoughts, or Free Emotions, or Dance, or Touch, or Kissing……., and THEY LIVE have the ABILITY to WIPE YOUR MEMORIES under the W.H.O. of the W.T.O. of the I.M.F WORLD POLICE these (U.S. FLAG) Peacekeeping U.N. Troops!!!!

Beware of these FREE MASON “U.N. TROOPS” aka G4S INTERNATIONALIST as THE C.O.P.S. are now being put out “in force” as JADE HELM 15 continuing DEPOPULATION Operations….., so keep killing these freemason Thugs in SECRET as they “wish to die” for their SECRET SOCIETIES, and always blend in with FACE MASK in {deep penetration} of U.N. TROOPS in our Police and Military UNIFORMS “no matter” your U.N. Agenda 21 + 30 place of residency….

WE have no Domiciles, for we are The Rag Tag Rebellion “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition...

The Sentinel…


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