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The Mark of the beast and Kenya!

OvercomeDeath - 101 Views
Published on 02 Jul 2020 / In News and Politics

The Huduma card in Kenya is just one step closer to the mark of the beast - are you willing to take a stand against the Antichrist’s coming mark? Are you ready? (Revelation 13:16-18)

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

So Many “Crises Actors” Wearing the MASK of a Lie

This (COVID19) WORLD DOMINATION PLOT would not be happening unless all the Monopoly Money CORPORATIONS were in on it, and when I have to STAY HOME cause WALMART – Home Depot – Staples, and many many other Mega Businesses are the ones behind this “THEY LIVE” Mud Flood GLOBAL RESET, well then, you have to consider that These CORPORATIONS live off our money just as The Governments, and The Religions, and these Schools of Thoughts, so because WE THE PEOPLE pay all the TAXES, and Church Religion DONATIONS, but We The People have no SAY in the RULE OF LAW where “if we the people” would just STOP allowing other People to call all the Shots, then Sex for Pay would be legal, all Drugs would be Legal, and we wouldn’t NEED no FREE MASON C.O.P.S. telling We “nonmason” Citizens what to do when they are only The Law Man cause they get A Paycheck as OUR EMPLOYEES!!!

It has been almost 4 Months since these FREE MASON Lodges of the Corporations of the WORLD said: Shut It Down, Put them Out of Work, and then CRASH the Stock Market when they all see Illusions and Delusions of making money on their Holographic CGI 2D FLAT EARTH TV Screens with Fake Space TV Shows on all the {NEWS} World Order, and every print book of 2D Pages, and Pages, and Pages of Lies by These Liars, and THIS SYSTEM the Quarantine JADE HELM 15 Curfew of closing all their PROGNOSTICATORS at 8PM……., so OUR Local Bars, and OUR Local Business have to PLAY The Game of See monkey Jump….., be like Monkey……, and do the SAME!!! Curfews means THE COMPANIES control “why we must” Wear The {MARTIAL LAW} MASK of Resignation when COMPANIES only make money if WE THE PEOPLE Shop in them…., and when This NEW NORMAL is over..., I won’t be Shopping at any [New Companies] #QANON /_\ or These Old Pre FACE MASK Society MONOPOLY CORPORATIONS!!!

If you are following what I am saying here, These COMPANIES are saying: Shut it Down at 8PM, so they will think their LOCAL GOVERNMENTS made some Ordinances to pass the RULE OF LAW Curfew, and as Trump the Chump and Pence on The Fence say OPEN THE SCHOOLS, they do not say (COVID19) is a Deception, and a Guile as THEY LIVE’ and all of them are in on it getting paid to WEAR THE FACE MASK from Hospitals to FUNERAL HOMES “are all” doing Malfeasance., and under FEDERAL Court Rules and Engagement, we can take any Corporation Flesh, and Blood, and Bones person to FEDERAL COURT…….., and Sue them for Libel……..., and Damages.., and say: SHOW US THE PROOF of this Deadly Corona “Bat Snake” NORAD NATO U.N. Troops Invasion of Plain Cloth G4S walking among WE THE PEOPLE., and then you just sue ANY WALMART “employee” FOR Damages cause The EMPLOYER of WALMART is in on it…

The LAW Says you must have Proof of a Crime, not evidence cause the word EVIDENCE is only Speculation – Hypothesis – Conjecture, and basically as any freemason would tell you, WE ARE MAKING IT ALL UP!!! So you get taken to Jail for “Paying for Sex” and Doing DRUGS, and yet, these same C.O.P.S. and U.N. Military walking among WE THE PEOPLE in (plain clothing) WEARING that fucking Slave Muzzle Mask are getting PAID by these U.N. CORPORATIONS like McDonalds to BP to Exxon to even Waffle House when they aka your BOSS says: Wear this WORLD DOMINATION Mask, so CORPORATIONS can have a [Monopoly] of a Star Bucks in every NATION, so no more Locally owned Small to mid size Bars will be allowed to STAY IN BUSINESS once all this Racka is over!!!

Johnny Exodice


Once you LOOK UP Big Words and add them to your Soul, and Mind, and HUMAN BEING, then you can see through all the BULL SHIT, and you can Buy a Pressure Cooker, and Can, and Jar all your own FOOD, and then you won’t “even need” these MONOPOLIES called Kroger, and Public's putting all your Small Town Big Star {Grocery Stores} and local community people, and their jobs OUT OF BUSINESS by this fucking Q Talking Head TV MATRIX “Trump Storm” my nonmason POPULATIONS of the world for WE ARE The Rag Tag Rebellion, and we are “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition…

The Society of nonmason~


Once you realize these CORPORATIONS have a MONOPOLY on your Local Government just as the U.N. FLAGS are all CORPORATIONS, and you have all CAPS on your National I.D. as well as your ADDRESS, then that makes you my Citizens CORPORATIONS with no rights!!!

WHOM EVER RUNS THE COMPANY, that is whom you my CITIZENS take to FEDERAL COURT for Damages to your Life, your Family, and your PROPERTY that is your Flesh, and Blood, and Bones, Body – TEMPLE – Temporary - Carnal – Corporeal - ESOTERIC - Avatar!!!!

The CORPORATIONS are the MONOPOLY MONEY of these U.N. FLAGS putting all WE THE PEOPLE Out of Work for this (COVID19) of NO Proof in A FEDERALIST Court of LAW...

The Southern Republic…

Mental Antiquity~



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OvercomeDeath 3 days ago

I am interested about the need for us to obey Jesus' teachings - are you interested in doing this?

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 3 days ago

@OvercomeDeath: Foundations find their places I am glad that I do not choose what to do, but only seek out “too know” The God of all mankind be that me or you… Now you might say, why say it like that.?.?.? Because If I make your conception of G.O.D. you or me, than we both can talk about our ideals, and whilst most want to argue about the face of God, I just want to look you in the eyes and state: If God made you and God made me, then why are you trying to kill me when God will judge you, and Your God will judge me!!!! Now, I have heard of MKULTRA and YOUNG TRANNY SEX, and I search these terms on the INTERNET, but I never knew about Incubus and Succubus that are EVIL SPIRITS in male and female Human forms, but now that I do, I say: Fuck the Movie Stars, the Sports Stars, and the Music Stars as FREE MASON Lodge Members!!! When you live in PURGATORY where every thing is a fucking lie, then you know these PENTAGRAM PEOPLE of the U.N. FLAGS are them whom oppress WE THE PEOPLE with their UNITED NATIONS Military of Crooks, and Thieves, and all them Devils of the In-between!!! That spoken Ass Holes, At least me knows I is in PURGATORY!!! Yet you’m Demons and Satanist would have me compliant with FAKE TV Shows to live like you, look like you, and dress like you… It don’t matter whom is PRESIDENT of the UNITED NATIONS cause you’m all make us do WAR IS MURDER when Murder is again the RULE OF LAW and our Gods, and for that FREE MASON Lodge Members, I as a nonmason Shalt Never Forgive you for the Death of my Mom and Dad and Sons and Daughters for a PIECE OF CLOTH known as the fucking U.S. FLAG of the U.N. My ability to see PURGATORY for the game it is did not come quick for I marched in your Fraternity and Sorority Bands thinking I was more Special then my NONMASON Clans, but now I know EVIL SPIRITS are real……., and they get into the minds of MALES and FEMALES, and how sad I was too learn that S.A.T.A.N. and Lucifer ain’t real, they just the fucking Lights of the A.I. Technological Mechanization that says: Put on a Face Mask you Fucking HUMAN Slave!!! Yet, how could I conclude that every De-Ja-Vu Dream would mean THE God of Jesus – Mohammad – Buddha would be real, and that PURGATORY was a place too redeem my soul if I could but [only feel] /_\ regrets for the TRAGEDIES I have imposed “on others” as an U.N. FLAG Member State of Hate, and Harm, and Hurt with my FAKE (COVID19) World Domination Plot??? You know I am no longer A freemason lodge member, and I have joined The Society of nonmason, and their Rag Tag Rebellion “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition where all people be they MALE and FEMALE have the right to dance, and sing, and find Romance!!!! For at the END OF AN AGE where them Days of Noah have Returned the Gospels of Jesus 1.0 has come true, I have seen the one whom carries as the Host of Host Jesus 2.0 and he did so say: If you ain’t locked into WAR IS MURDER and no longer a fool doing the folly of A WAR HERO for all the dead you’m have killed, than 1st Corinthians 13 will and shall lead you’m home, and in a World of Madness and Insane People you will become the FOUNDATION Stones of them whom are not Lost, or dammed and cursed, nor Forsaken!!!! Johnny Exodice https://videos.utahgunexchange.....com/watch/paradise- Now that we are all LOCKED IN to Purgatory, Lies will become Truth on the TV Screens of the {NEWS} World Order, and sadly Truth will become Lies when you speak to the Dammed whom seek to do WAR IS MURDER when Murder is against the RULE and LAW of G.O.D. The Sentinel… [///|||\\\] ++++++++++++++++++++++

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