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The London Blood Bricks ! & 1812 Overkill!

Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 57 Views
Published on 01 Feb 2020 / In Film and Animation

Oi! Welcome to the FEB Think Tank!
Tonight could the red bricks of London have a sinister ingredient? Human Blood. We also look into the reset events of 1812.
This is a video re-upload recorded in August 2019 or so they say! Enjoy!
Peace & love peeps!

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

Since we have no REAL DATES, let us just make the best of our 13 Month Proper Time Line Caledar, and a Happy New YEAR as Today February 1st in their 2020 C.E. is actually YEAR TWO OF PAK-TOE!!! aka 2 P.T. and you can swap out P.T. for Proper TIME Line… Johnny Exodice LIVES!!! This is a very informative piece for any whom fight The RACKA as Books are made in many ways, and Paintings are acutally Hidden In Plain Sight Messages to the Pyramid People, só let us know our ENEMY whom stole our FREE MASON LODGES and Temples!!! The Society of nonmason~


At 7:54 I was able to meet Johnny Exodice in Miami and he was showing me the PROPAGANDA in the U.S. Post Office on City of Miami Beach USA... Not only was the "UNIFORM" of the U.S. Soldier not what we are shown in the STORY of 1776, but There was a "Fashions" in the Building with No Ax, and no Spear, but it was the SYMBOL of the Fantasies, but they are Not Rods Bundled up........., they are Books........, or "Scrolls" that means to PROTECT THE KNOWLEDGE, and these Phoenician Racka Changed their meaning after the Great Nuclear Hydrogen War of 1853 T.L. to 1854 T.L. and oh Yeah TODAY is Day one of Year Two in our 13th Month Calendar of Pak-Toe so happy new year in 2 P.T. for Proper Time Line... and oh yeah, The Write In President will be uploading what he saw as he hangs out in Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA USA with the RED Hand and Kilroy and The 5th Column of we The Society of nonmason... Dink~

At 12:51 the CONTROL of Information is lost as The ENTITY has joined our Collective, but I did need to say: WE ARE ALL INFECTED, and all they have to do is ACTIVATE the Bacteria Virus using the 5G Frequency Waves and you will get Deathly ill... Being What I am, I have been the Incubator Baby to make a Cure, and though it will spread only buy Pure Bloods, I am not the only pure blood left... However, my razer pain rectum was fine in Miami as the 5G Was Powered Down, but when I came to ATLANTA to catch me flight to California, the PAIN in my are, and the Draining of whatever from the arse picked back up, so just know Vapes, Oils, Food, water, Makeup, Vaccines and all the other FUCKERY is Activated when they so choose using Vibration of the Micro Metals in your Body from all these Chem Trails... Many new thoughts at mewe.com

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