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The Law Of The Land Shall Not STOP Anything God Puts Into Place (Police Called)

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Published on 22 Jun 2020 / In Film and Animation

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we are our current reality we're the truth unashamed, unafraid a group of people producing inspirational truth thru conversation wholly unusual in the forum and with perfect timing, we capture the moments giving you new uploads every week as you listen to our albums, singles, sermons, videos and recordings you'll see that we are blatantly, unashamed and unafraid to come against the powerful institutions of religion discussions of any sort. we don't advocate violence, as we battle a spiritual battle where truth and hard-documentation from the written word are the weapons of the day; and are confident that If elohim be for us, then none in the world can overcome us, knowing that the gates of hell herself cannot prevail. our goal for the audience who never heard of us is to inspire a active engagement with focused groups of new loyal listeners

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

I will live as I am, not as You Are…

My life has not always been easy, and I have made my mistakes along the way, but I never chose Hatred, and this is something I am grateful for to this very day… For you whom have killed and murdered, harmed and raped, bommed and destroyed the homes of another, I would not take any pride in being what this world calls a WAR HERO… You killed for a Piece of Cloth, you Stole the lives of children as you murdered their parents cause you would not disobey an order from your earthy mortal masters, and as you find yourself walking through these White Washed Walls of Purgatory, there is no glory in the things you’m have done…

You are a Thief, and a Pirate, and you thought this made you worthy of the gods you once worshiped.?.?.? How does it feel too hold COLD STEEL in your hands and kill the Father of another man??? What has WAR ever proven except that you whom play WAR GAMES do not know the things you Gamble away as you make food for Killers, as you fill the Weapons with ejections that will explode on mothers and their offspring??? Sure the TV SET says: War Is KOOL!!! Hey!!! lets be just like the American Sniper and shoot sons and daughters in their heads!!! Is not that the life of a Murderer???

The FLAG promised you Honor and Integrity if you would not QUESTION why people must die cause your Leader the President of your land says Too kill them is good’ cause them people are not Flesh and Blood and Bones like you an I.?.?.?, they are the ENEMY a made up word to say A Person is no longer a Person, they are now just a LABEL like Black Jew, White Catholic, Filthy Muslims, POOR PEOPLE!!! Yeah….., you did kill and murder “so many” so you would have MONEY and be promoted on the TV Screen just like Tucker Carlson and all them [Ex-Patriots] whom killed and murdered just like you while WE THE PEOPLE “pay you” taxes to keep making WAR cause we can see no other way…

There was A TIME I believed in THE FLAG and all that the TV and the Schools and the Religions of my land said, and that it was A GOOD THING “to kill” and murder HUMANS, but that was in a past life when I listened to EVIL SPIRITS {in my mind} /-\ whom can not die and be judged for their ACTIONS in this Video Game Simulation, but My Corporeal Mortal Body will… It is your choice “too murder” and kill children, babies, toddles, and all the rest, even murder YOUR BEST FRIENDS i guess MY WAR HERO??? This is the life of A Soldier, This is the life of a Killer, one whom rejects all that is right, and decent, and civil too become Murdering Barbarians, and The PROFANE among we all…

Johnny Exodice

I want to go home when I die… I DO NOT want to be dammed Too [here] / * \ in PURGATORY for all time… WE ARE all guilty of Murder for {we cheered on} OUR WAR HEROES whom live off of OUR FLAGS TAXES!!!!!

The Sentinel…

I don’t want to kill people anymore…. Good, then abandon your Post for they will hunt us down anyway here in Purgatory our FLAT EARTH Celestial Sphere Home World SIMULATION….., but we will go home [when we die] /_\ while they these EVIL SPIRITS……., and their Evil Thoughts will pay the ULTIMATE Price for their SOULS Rejection of LOVE from The Source of all Creation, and The Source of All Destruction….

The Society of nonmason~

WAR IS MURDER and it keeps you trapped in PURGATORY forever...

The Rag Tag Rebellion...


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