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The Last Seven Years Explained (Daniel 9-27, Daniel 8-13, and more!)

Joseph fisher
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Published on 01 May 2020 / In People and Blogs

The Last Seven years of history explained.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago


When your World Leaders turn out to be nothing more then Liars and Cheats and those Whom “create” the wastelands of death, and damnation, and sadness, it then becomes “your duty” as A Member, Constituent, and Representative CITIZEN “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition to know that ALL FREE MASON are “Profane” Insane Deplorables, and because these Pyramid People like to use DUALITY TALK and [Double Speaking] as they follow the God Janus that Two Faced Monster……., then you know even these “youthful” Incubus and Succubus them Pre Teen DEMOLAY – JOBS DAUGHTERS – RAINBOW GIRLS are spies and leaches and filth “among we” The Society of nonmason...~

The Commander….., and the GREAT Teacher has shown, and “enlightened us” the Children of Light and Darkness that these Gargoyle GOLEM “Ghouls” are no longer children of the Sun, or the Moon, or the Stars, but that FREE MASON Children are the (COVID19) Infestation and Infection “that must be” eradicated from all our SMALL TOWNS as these Rich Elite “People” called Mayors, Governors, Church Elders, School Boards, City Counsels LIVE OFF OUR TAXES “known as” Tribute and Tithing, but they are only THE WEALTHY cause we pay them to be “Servants” as in POLICE and Fire Departments, but what we see is that these SOCIALITE [Privileged Peoples] of our towns CLICKS are the enemy we all need to “dissipate” for WE THE PEOPLE are the Government, and the Town Hall so called Leadership are to be GOVERNED for (we pay them) too keep our Businesses OPEN, not LOCKED DOWN!!!

For Weeks now we have “allowed” these FREE MASON Lodge Members to say: Shelter In Place as we are all laid off from work.?.?.?.?.?, but THESE PEOPLE the Town FREE MASON C.O.P.S. / Judges / Prison and Jail / Hospital Workers all get money, all keep going to work, and all are “Guilty” of High Treason – Sedition – Treachery???????, and we just “let them live” as they live off of OUR WELFARE Checks for “we nonmason” are the TAX PAYER, and The Trumps and The Putins and The Xi’s and Religious Leaders “like the Pope” keep living off of OUR GIFTS, and Charity, and DONATIONS called Tithes that is just “another word” for VOLUNTARY TAXES as if we want to Volunteer into these {U.N. FLAGS militaries} so these PROFANE Pyramid People can order us to OBEY.?.?.? COMPLY.?.?.? SUBMIT.?.?.?

Once you know FREE MASON are the (COVID19) with all their Poisons put into Vaccines called Viruses…….., you no longer “wait to see” what will happen!!! You do as we NONMASON Do when it comes to Vampires, Werewolves, Pirates, Evil Minded PARASITES……..., and that is you run them off the road in your cars and trucks!!! You use Fire to burn them “alive” in their homes, you use Silencers on your .22 Rifle and shoot them dead dead dead “be they” preteen FRAT Boys and Sorority Girls to the older ones at FRAT Houses on College Military Academies` for they are all Vile Disgusting {EVIL SPIRITS} /_\ from the Esoteric World, and their OLD PEOPLES EYES “Blinks” way too fucking much…..., as their Hollywood TV shows [SHOW] / * \ when you watch their Illuminati Lucifarian “Satanist” eyes Go SOLID DEMONIC BLACK!!! They are not Humans!!! They are incubus and succubus, and they are the Forsaken, the Dammed, and The Cursed!!!

Johnny Exodice


JUST LOOK AT THEIR BOBBLE HEADS and too long arms on these SUCCUBUS for Female Monsters, as INCUBUS is for Male Monsters!!!! Do you really want to be like them HOLLOW WOOD PEOPLE of USA!!! USA!!! USA!!! .?.?.?.?.? You better Research and INVESTIGATE your 50 States “Constitutions” for there are 50 Nations and Countries Flags {FOR AMERICA} not for This U.S. Flag of the UNITED NATIONS of S.A.T.A.N.

The Commander~


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