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The King and Ruler of Israel.

Jean Schoonbroodt
Jean Schoonbroodt - 355 Views
Published on 10 Nov 2019 / In Film and Animation

Words to Israel.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 9 months ago

Wars are for Demons, and Jails are for The innocent

You would think in a just world......., there would be no need for wars cause {people would know} how to share and get along......, but when you live in PURGATORY....., then you know {there is no justice} +=+ except in a well wrote song... How often we have [given our money] to the Church to be told we are bad??? How much we have prayed to only remain sad??? How cruel a GOVERNMENT that kills our moms and dads..... This is the world {we live in} where we are raised to WORSHIP things over life...., to Lust one another in conceptual fright..., and to be TOLD who we are.., what we are., and what {we are allowed} to be an do, and in this, we do not REVOLT, we do not RESIST, and our Capacitors Snap, our minds go Amuck, and our Sanity wavers as pill after pill [they inject us] with Hypodermic Needles saying this is all you need, now go [back to sleep] in your room and watch TV...

Too many times {we have been told} things that are untrue where it is said you need money to be secure, you need sex to be happy, and if you are not [taking from another] then your life will always be crappy!!! This is the way of the Pyramid People with {their distinguished ways} of $10,000.00 dollar Suites and Ties and Clean Shaven Faces!!! They see themselves [as the example] of a Controlled and Commanded Slave Society where we the Plebs and the Plebes {build all the things} with our taxes and tithes...., and made to pay TRIBUTE to those whom Kill us in their madness of [Manly Brutality] with THEIR Military Machines!!! Dropping Bombs on our homes, Shooting our Children for Sport, and oh {such Great Heroes} are they, they won't even allow us to have Weapons FOR THEY ARE COWARDS when {they come to town} in their COSTUMES of G4S Superior Military Fire Power as if [we the people] see them as distinguished officers of murder and mayhem...

They put their G.O.D. on the U.S. FLAG Dollar Bill, and then when U.S. FLAG Veterans have {done the will} of the State they elect a Billionaire to say [there is no money] to spare for the homeless, or those in need even though every time we buy something {it pays the check} of our Presidential Governmental Employees, and we are so stupid...., and we are fools [for we pay] The FREE MASON C.O.P.S. as the EMPLOYEES to arrest us Their Bosses too!!! We are told tales and yarns as if they are lore, we are forced to buy MADE IN CHINA that Lady in Red the Dragon of Whores where [Globalist Merchant Ships] come and go...., but all we see are WEALTHY foreigners get all the Great jobs, take all our native lands, and placing NO TRESPASSING signs, or {you nonmason} will be Shot on Command!!! This is the ACT OF 1871 [FREE MASON] INTERNATIONAL GOVERNMENT where the U.S. FLAG is an Occupying force in all lands...., not just the 50 States FOR America, and what do the people do??? They Cheer for their Captors cause Hollow Wood Movies say {they are} The Freedom Fighters for the Poor and Oppressed while we [the Poor and Oppressed] fill the Prisons for RULE OF LAW we had no say in...

The helicopters hunt us, the Drone Strikes Bomb us, and still we carry on... For since [we are] The Innocent, then we are not the Fallen Angels...., we are the Real Angels being chased and pursued by {The Red and Blue} Devils of FREE MASON Lodges where [they are] the Judges, the Lawyers, the Bankers, the CEO, The Suits and Ties...., and are filled with nothing but lies.... I carry a hole {in my heart} for all my nonmason whom have died, been raped, and thrown away [into these] CONCENTRATION CAMPS called Schools where our Children and our Brothers and our Sisters {are filled} with FAKE NEWS - Fake History - Fake Space...., and then told to be good, or the Teacher and Preacher will take away their {2D FLAT SCREEN} Black Mirror Satanic S.M.A.R.T. Phones where we see only their people and [their body types] on these devices, and our faces and {our body types} are never shown....

Johnny Exodice

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