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The John Searl Story- Searl Effect Generator - Free Energy

bodhi_mantra - 162 Views
Published on 05 Dec 2018 / In Film and Animation

***Also watch: SEG, Searl Effect Generator - How it works: Electrons Flow with Magnetic Current


"John Searl on the Searl Effect SEG Design, Construction Theory "

Short documentary about the SEG; Searl Effect Generator, free energy technology. SEG can also produces an antigravity effect.

Some people falsely claim that the SEG, if it really would function as claimed, would break the Laws of Physics and so it's a hoax, but SEG is NOT an ISOLATED SYSTEM, but extracts the energy from the Ether (Zero Point Radiation), meaning SEG does not consume the materials in it at all, so do not break the known laws of physics, not even the theory.

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