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The Challenge To Know God

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Jean Schoonbroodt
Jean Schoonbroodt - 190 Views
Published on 26 Oct 2019 / In Film and Animation

Message to people.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 7 months ago

Catalin Oancea: Dear Commander..., it seems to us you have been disarmed??? No, my people, I am never without A WAY to protect myself……., and those whom love me… However…..., since it was our OWN PEOPLE whom turned against us before the {Great Nuclear Hydrogen War} +=+ of 1853 T.L. to 1854 T.L. we have all had to study….., and learn many things in [this year of 2020 T.L.] and it is evident that we can use any abbreviation for a {TIME LINE} from B.C. to A.D. or B.C.E. to A.C.E. to T.L. to P.T. and even though [we are very confident] / * \ we are in year 8,002 T.L. that shall soon become Year 2 P.T. for we of Pak-Toe…., and even The Racka..., you are not the cursed ones whom are Celestial Beings for you only spend one TERM where 1,000 years HERE will seem like ONE DAY when you awake from {this Tragic Dream} [{**}] of a People.., and Persons., betrayed by their OWN… Our mouths become dry, and we get [gum and tooth problems] from the Vibration and Frequency WEAPONS of 5G a weapon {só intrusive} [{*}] it is even in your 2D HD Flat Screen Devices from Cell Phones to Laptops too these Dick Tracy Wrist Tech…., and the more we are [forced to think] we need WIFI in the Air…., the more this WiFi is just one more VIBRATION at a Frequency that kills us all {from Mouth Disease} from our Smokes to our Drinks, too illness of Diabetics and Dementia from our Food [and our Sodas] too só many TRAGIC things that happen in this De-Ja-Vu Oraborus Curse of the Snake {Eating It’s Tail] like putting Human Shit in our water and pre-packaged [microwave oven foods} too the Many Fast Food places with Piss and Mucus and Snot and even the Corpses of {diseased DEAD rotting Bodies} mixed into OUR MEATS!!!! You see…., you think you are safe [when you are not] cause you are SHARING a Memory as you {Wear OUR FACES} for we are the ones whom killed and died when we did not STOP them from using WEAPONS [to Rip Open] The Dome of The Rock!!! Everything you have READ or Seen has happened in this place {be it Star Wars Travels} to Black Plagues…., and there was A TIME we could travel from Celestial Sphere to Celestial Sphere, but in our Ignorance, and our Arrogance, we thought we could be the U.S. FLAG or {ROMAN Defiance} for all time…., and it was we [who shot the moons] of other WORLDS thinking no one would ever figure out that OXYGEN is not AIR…., and that HYDROGEN is not WATER…., but now anyone in this world as Celestial Beings knows {Oxygen and Hydrogen GAS} are in many places to be found, and they even know that OXYGEN Liquid and HYDROGEN Liquid [can be found and mixed] to make any H2O Weapons they só desire…., and these people and persons are not A Part of OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION, but because the UNITED NATIONS International Mafia of FREE MASON Lodges will not STAND DOWN…., then we used Them WEAPONS [on a mass scale} as We The Society of NONMASON {took out] the FREE MASON Lodges…., and all their Fake Medications, Forced Abortions, and their FAKE SPACE Agenda [to cover up] that they took OUR WOMBMEN and made them die giving {Birth after Birth} where wombmen had no ability to recover…., and they were fucked hard…., and These PizzaGATE Satanist would not even let {the Girls rest} as young as Puberty to Women [even in our 40’s] as were made to REPOPULATE this place…., só we Focused all the 5G Weapons on {OUR Celestial Sphere} Home World to put an end to the Madness, and Lunacy, and [This CRUEL Insane Endeavor] by ALL WORLD LEADERS of the United Nations for WAR is but one way to MASS MURDER People, and Persons…., and we chose many other ways in our RAGE not Anger, and we became Malicious, and Crazed, and then it spiraled out of CONTROL…., and we could not STOP [The End] of This Age, or Place…., and we all were supposed to DIE when the Firmament IMPLODED by our own means…. Now {this place} is no longer real…., you are living a MEMORY called [Our Redemption for you] whom choose to be decent, and kind, and good, só if you so choose to {gather in groups} and lay down and die as The Christ Taught..., your Celestial Beings and Persons will still go home…., but those who Kill and Murder if not in SELF DEFENSE [of those they love] shall never leave here for PURGATORY is this Purgatorium, and you will see {THE SKY IS FALLING} even as we speak…., and no one does anything to putting a STOP to this Repeating {The Days of Noah} over and over for all time aka WORLD WAR ZERO of the FREE MASONIC Lodges [whom had stole all] even OUR MEMORIES, só REMEMBER…., or THEY LIVE will raise the NEXT ones [whom show up here} by way of CONCEPTION, and no ABORTION does {not prevent you] from being born here…. The Commander~ [///|||\\\]


For any who know they have received The Holy Spirit, you are going home, for those whom ONLY Believe they got the Holy Water Spirit, you are Dammed to a Worse Place for PURGATORY is just a ONE TIME Attempt to see if you are Worthy of Redemption… The Oracle for the End of An Age connected to The Source of All Creation has spoken… Christ has RETURNED, and still só many of you have NOT learned the Lesson of HONESTY that Narrow Path I spoke of when The Many do not know what they say when they say: I will see you in hell for we will not be joining you… {Q}

WE LIVE IN A CURSE and it will Repeat, but only those who did the AWFUL HORROR of Abortions and WAR and Mean unfair cruelty shall go to the MANY LEVELS of Hell and Hades and the True WORLD OF THE DEAD that is not the other side of the World in our SIMULATION FLAT EARTHS Celestial Sphere just as Logun said in that LOGUNS RUN movie… There is NO Sanctuary in PURGATORY!!! Hope you chose well for all is Choice, and those who choose good go home, and those who chose to feed of Hate end up in worse places then PURGATORY… Buddah~ Lucifer` Jesus~ The Trinity… [*}*{*]

We are all just actors in OLD DEAD BODIES, and still you do not STOP…. Q+ The Pen`


Quit your jobs and go see things before {THIS PLACE Resets} +=+ for the next batch of Celestial Beings, and yes you were SENT here for A Reason, and no…., You can not save us GOLEM for we murdered all the HUMANS… This is Our Fate and Our Redemption be we Pak-Toe or Racka… Johnny Exodice LIVES!!! and só do we… The Book of EXODICE… [///|||\\\]



Hydrogen and Oxygen is also how you make PLASMA LASERS…. The Fleet of Battle Star Galactica!!! [///|||\\\]


Study The Stories for that is all they are... Fantasy, for we GOLEM can [never escape] this place for we are The Minotaur that killed all The HUMANS {in our} Labyrinth of TRICK OR TREAT Traps!!! The Green Coats of the Tan Gloves… John 13:34 – Mathew 28 – 1st Corinthians 13…


If all you want is WAR, then you shall have WAR till the day of JUDGEMENT!!! Mathew 5


Since I talk about the Source of All Creation, you must Decide: What does that mean to you???



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