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The David Knight Show Mar 5, 2020 (Full Show)

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Published on 06 Mar 2020 / In Film and Animation

— 00:04:30 250th anniversary of Boston Massacre. Are we worse off today?

— 00:09:46 Schumer threatened judges — that’s a federal crime. Are Democrats trying to divert attention from their totalitarian policies back to their old reliable issue? Did McConnell us a rule trick in the Senate to keep the abortion issue alive while babies die?

— 00:22:24 Did Schumer move Roberts to support the anti-abortion law? Was that what Schumer wanted to do all along?

— 00:31:53 Population control is the real whirlwind we’re about to reap and atheist Democrat says “the abortion industry cannot police itself”

— 00:56:19 Another day, another film to push pedophile, gender confusion agenda. Billy Porter says “the kids are ready” for his trans-fairy god-“mother”. “It’s the grown-ups that are slowing it down”

— 01:13:40 Fauxcahontas is no longer on the warpath as we wait to see who she offers the peace pipe. And, Bloomberg’s worst nightmare — a black man with a gun — easily wins the Republican primary for Lt. Gov by supporting 2nd Amendment.

— 01:24:46 AOC & Soros endorsed candidates lost on Super Tuesday

— 01:32:43 The Young Turds & Stink Uygur are FURIOUS about Bernie’s loss. Obama loved Castro too. Yeah, we told you. David Knight explains the reason Obama is celebrated & Bernie is castro-ated by Democrat establish

— 01:46:17 Matt Bracken joins to look at the effect that the coronavirus is already having on infrastructure with panic buying. What will happen if the infrastructure breaks down from panic or a real pandemic?

Remember, it’s not a matter of IF you’ll need storable food, but WHEN!

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