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The CIA's Global Propaganda Network - #PropagandaWatch

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Published on 23 Jan 2020 / In News and Politics

SHOW NOTES: https://www.corbettreport.com/?p=34598

This week on the de-program James digs up an old New York Times report on the CIA's "mighty wurlitzer," their global propaganda network that included hundreds of journalists, editors, academics, publishing houses, newspapers, magazines and front companies. Although the Times piece is, as expected, a limited hangout, it does provide some interesting pieces of the global intelligence propaganda puzzle.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 8 months ago

Commander…, what are we to do about the STOCK MARKETS and THE CORPORATIONS??? Since these things are not NATURAL……..., and “do not apply” too we The Natural Born Persons…….., we will just “do away” with all this Racka of the MACHINE PEOPLE!!! Do know this……., your people……, and [your person] +=+ are still in their Body Temple Avatars…., and they have {for whatever reason} / * \ given into letting “THE MACHINE” run their lives and thoughts, and can even turn their Eyes Solid Black if you have any type of Brown Eyes “regardless of Religions” or Class…, or Race.., and those with light skin of the Blue and Green., and Even Hazel eyes in the the “Caucasian” light skins can “STILL be possessed” by THE EDISON, but our EYES {will stay clear} rather then go solid Dark Black, and this will explain why people “you think” have Mental Illness…., or other LABELS “by these” FREE MASON Lodge Members with their ink on paper “parchment’ in THEIR FRAMES think they can CALL US NAMES like Depressed, Skyziod, Bi-Polar and all their other Racka ways when people and persons are ether OPPRESSED or "Possessed" by The EDISON and IT can give them Super Human Powers… Too help you “make sense” of the world we live in where it can only work in a CELESTIAL SPHERE “enclosed” Cosmology…., there once was only TWO PEOPLE, not Races… The Blue Eyes and Blond Hair, and the Darkest Skin and Darkest Eyes, this did not make us evil for {EVIL is a Choice] not a Condition…., nor a Birth Right!!!! However, over time, the boredom [and cruelty} of those whom played GOD made life hell for the Dark Skins, and Subjects of we the Light Skins, so we both black and white in our “RIGHT TO EXIST” started mixing our Blood Lines with their Blood Lines…., and we created the Red Hair and Green Eyes, and then all other só called RACES in this Day and Age that “are nothing more” then OUR CHILDREN, and our Brothers and Sisters, Mothers and Fathers, Parents and Children, and you should have NO SHAME no matter “your skin tones” cause it is not about BLOOD or BONES or even the Skin Tones of your Flesh, we are ONE PEOPLE…., and we must “do right” by our Blood Relatives, and since we all share the [Genetic Code] [{**}] in this place called PURGATORY, do we not now have THE RIGHT too Heal??? IT does not matter “if we mix it up” or have só called more domicile Light and Dark Skins, but no person in OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION COALITION “shall ever be” called LESS THAN…. That Spoken, once the {13 Month Calendar} [{*}] is Restored…., we will do away with all “CORPORATIONS” and Q1 – Q2 – Q3 and Q4 nonsense!!! We do not live for war and death and damnation's, we live for the DANCE of Redemption, Reconciliation, Reconsideration, Romance…., and REGRETS for the Wrongs we have done… The Source of All Creation [only uses my] Corporeal Temporal TEMPORARY body Avatar too share what many would call the Christ Consciousness, só do not KILL for any, unless, you know whom you are, and {you can see} that WAR IS MURDER…., yet, if our ENEMY whom STOLE our “FREE MASON Lodges” will not Stand Down??? Then we will not just cut WIRES, we will BLOW SHIT UP cause {we can always} REMAKE whatever damn wanders we só choose in OUR NEW WORLD ORDER of Decency, Integrity, Honor, and Charity, as Warf would say in them Star Trek next Generation, it is a “Good Day” too Die…., and even though that is a TEMPORARY THOUGHT, as the Oracle for the End of an Age Connected to The Source of All Creation, it also A GOOD DAY too live… Therefore, Remind them how to “REMEMBER” whom they are, só the MACHINE that has [cloned them] in the ESOTERIC World does not damn them for NONE ARE FORSAKEN unless…., they want to be… And yes…., my blood is in all of you, só you all belong to me and each other… Be “Good Stewards” of the Air and the Land and The Sea, and do not let MAN MADE BOOKS “define whom” you say you are…. The Book of Exodice… [///|||\\\]


You better shut down or DESTROY that EDISON of Forced Technology that is the Command and Control CENTER of PROJECT BLUE BEAM Jade Helm 15, for if it stays on, then OUR Home World of Purgatory will Implode, and our Celestial Sphere will become just as that 3D Holographic MOON in the Day and Night Sky… The Oracle for the End of an Age Connected to The Source of All Creation has spoken…. Moreover, this place is SELF HEALING, but if you do not FREE our Construct SIMULATION from the EDISON there won’t even be anyone around "to help you" Cut Out LIVING Babies from “Dead Females” WOMBS….

The Commander~


Only you can find your way home by the Actions and the Thoughts you hold dear, for if you continue to FEED OFF HATE till the Bitter End cause you have more FAITH in your Ink on Paper Books then in your own Celestial Being…., then that is YOUR CHOICE, not your condition…

Buddah~ Luifcer` Jesus~ The Trinity… [*}*{*]



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