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The Book Of Ezra - Banned From The Bible, Our Past, Present & Future - 2nd Ezra/ 4th Esdras

Johnny Exodice
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Published on 05 Sep 2020 / In Film and Animation

I refuse to ask viewers for their hard earned money, times are already tough enough, and we all have to deal with the U.N. forced austerity measures, so I just don’t feel right asking viewers for money to support the channel. If you’d like to help support this channel, all you have to do is let one of the ads run. That’s how this channel operates, if you don’t let an ad play I receive no compensation. You’ll notice some people will use 5 or 6 or more ads in a very short video, I usually keep it to 3 ads even if it’s a very long vid. Either way, thank you for watching! God bless you, everyone.
The plain version without music is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03Qshl7AHIc
What was labeled 'the apocrypha' (usually the apocalyptic visions had by many of the scribes of the bible) was taken out of the modern Holy Bible. They felt that the knowledge in these sections was too advanced, too difficult, too controversial... for the common people to know. Known as 4 Ezra or in some bibles, 2 Esdras, or sometimes Latin Esdras, it would have originally been appended to the end of Ezra, just before Neremiah.
General info..2 Esdras (also called 4 Esdras, Latin Esdras, or Latin Ezra) is the name of an apocalyptic book in many English versions of the Bible. Its authorship is ascribed to Ezra, a scribe and priest of the 5th century BCE. It is reckoned among the apocrypha by Roman Catholics, Protestants, and most Eastern Orthodox Christians. 2 Esdras was excluded by Jerome from his Vulgate version of the Old Testament, but from the 9th century onwards the Latin text is sporadically found as an appendix to the Vulgate, inclusion becoming more general after the 13th century.

Ezra is a man alive at the fall of Jerusalem, and is put into a position of prominence among his remnant peoples. It tells the great tale of his experiences, his love for God and his deep concern for his fellow people. In speaking with God, (and because he is a truly righteous man) Ezra is gifted with beautiful explanations of many of the most poignant parts of history... life on earth, the future of God's creation, an incredible amount of knowledge is passed to him. It is said (in the text itself) that this book is meant to be an addition to Daniel and Revelation.
4 Ezra or Second Esdras is now considered a part of the standard 'apocrypha', and can be found via the list attached 'official apocrypha' to many types of bibles, including the 1611 KJV.
It is a wonderful book.
The roman catholic church has held many councils through the years, (Nicea, Laodicea,) which removed key portions of the original text of the Bible. Also, on the political social front, post protestant-reformation, the roman catholic church has also held councils (like [email protected] 2, Verona/Vienna, etc) wherein papal bulls and broad, generalized decrees are made.
This part of the Book Of Ezra was removed from the Holy Bible. (Some versions which contain the apocrypha still may contain this portion).

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God bless you.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

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