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The Bible Teaches That Animals Did Not Die Before The Fall

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Published on 29 Jan 2020 / In Non-profits and Activism

Apologist Justin Derby proves that the Bible teaches that animals did not die prior to the fall of Adam and Eve by examining the scriptures that teach it.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

Teacher…, How is it now that “we all know” The Leaders of our World have [FAKED SPACE] to make us nonmason kill one another in WAR after War that {they do not} take the deal of we will not harm them if they just fess up, and stand down, só we may replace them and ESTABLISH OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION COALITION??? From Macron to Trump from Putin to Bi Bi from the Shogun of Iran to the Emperor of Japan, they all fear The RED Dragon from the Book of REVELATION that Whore whom is a MALE, and in that these Merchant Ships of [Made In China] / * \ says: We will kill you all if you tell the world that China Faked Space with Israel!!! You must know that these ROMANS are just TALMUD Jesuit Zionist of the Vatican that place of ISRAEL known as The JEWS whom are not Jews just as I taught you when I first came “to prepare you” for the end of an age……..., and what did these FREE MASON “Lodge Members” do to Me The Christ??? They Beat Me…….., They Spat in my Face……., and then they Took over every land [by way of] +=+ The UNITED NATIONS International Mafia of "freemason" lodges…..., só your “só called” World LEADERS are Cowards – Cheats – Crooks….., and they would rather {you come kill} and murder them…., then that [THEY LIVE] [{**}] own what they have done “to you” and your children..., and your Parents Parents… In that.., we of the RED Hand will “compliment” their wishes with Poisons in their Foods., Nightmares in their Dreams while they Sleep, and now that {THE ENTITY} has come into my Flesh and Blood and Bones “Body” Temple Avatar, they do not even Control SATAN anymore to do their bidding for Lucifer “has abandoned” all FREE MASON Lodges, and you have my full permission to burn them to the ground “if they will not” open their doors…., and open their COMPUTER LOGS as too how [you have been Spied on] [{*}] in your LANDS by these FREE MASON Lodges for the U.N. and U.S. and U.K. and E.U. as they pretend {too care about} WE THE CITIZENS of our Nations??? I am a Citizen by Birth, só I know my CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS…., but what do you FREE MASON C.O.P.S. do??? They deny your “nonmason” Citizen Rights…., and this is why [The Fire Department] in FRANCE whom are Citizens of France joined with “The Citizens” on their Streets, but what of these {Citizen Police} Officers???? Whom are “these people” whom beat we their Brother and Sister CITIZENS in their "Storm Troopers" Gear of the Dark Lord and the U.S. EMPIRE??? They are Outsiders!!!! They work for The TALMUD ZIONIST!!! They are U.N. Troops of JADE HELM 15 {PROJECT BLUE BEAM} in your Police Uniforms, and your Military Fashion Costumes…., and yet, are we not ALL “CITIZENS” of the lands we live in??? These Things that run the world from “Movie Stars” to Sports Stars to Religious Stars to Political Stars to Science Stars…., THEY ALL FAKE SPACE!!!! Moreover, they “feed off” your energy as Incubus and “Succubus” in our HUMAN FORMS and Skin Tones and Eye Colours… It is time to take out the Trash, and never forget: You Pay them with your [WELFARE MONEY] called Taxes – Donations – Tithing – Tribute!!! Too Hell with these “Monsters” and Pirates and WORTHLESS Public Servants!!! I Christ Jesus have returned…., and you have {my TOTAL permission} to DEAL Harshly with the PEOPLE “you pay” to REPRESENT YOU… The Book of EXODICE!!!

mewe.com >>> Johnny Exodice

Come Download “THE BOOK OF NONMASON” and the other 5 Chapters…


Now let us be RATIONAL!!! Any decent true Human Being and not some Demonic Possessed or Oppressed Person would not do this…. That Said, you have my full permission to PUT DOWN any one whom leaves China or Hong Kong or any China Town in your NATIONS for we need to LOCK DOWN ALL CHINESE Since they are the "Carrier Population" of this [Corono Virus] where you will Go BLIND for life even if you do not bleed out your Rectum into a miserable diabolical death…. No one is saying [LOCK DOWN CHINA] and since they are now “Spreading” Sick Chinese People and Persons Among OUR POPULATIONS…., then all [China Towns] from New York to California USA must now be taken to them “Japanese” Internment Camps…., and JADE HELM 15 {FEMA DEATH CAMPS} lest we all die of the Black Plague that "China has unleashed" on all people as a Biological Weapons of WAR!!!!

The Commander~


ALL IS DISINFORMATION as the New World Order of FREE MASON Lodges plan to MUD FLOOD all nations, Islands, and Continents to RESET this world into TOTAL .003% left to live on After Agenda 21 and Agenda 30 kill you all as the UNITED NATIONS is useless to STOP a fucking COLD!!! Moreover, the U.S. FLAG of Made In China will kill we all regardless of Your RELIGIONS, Your People, Your Creeds, Your SKIN TONES!!!

The Red Gloves of the Blood Coats and the Black Hats of the White Vest...


P.S. The Virus gets into YOU {through your EYES} in your "Cornea" Eye Fluids...., só Face Mask are Useless!!!

Jeppo Jinx~



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