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The 9/11 Blacklist 17th Anniversary Part Three:EXPOSED How Deep The Rabbit Hole Goes!

terry morris
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Published on 02 Jun 2020 / In News and Politics

Ladies and Gentleman welcome to the third part of the 17th Anniversary I produced last year. I began The 9/11 Blacklist unofficially in 2015 where I produced a 3-hour Official Narrative Introduction video,this film YouTube banned...thereafter I began to start producing Chasing Shadows...these were episodes designed to dissect what The Official Narrative showed...however, I stopped because I felt that for people to understand what i meant by taking apart the Official Narrative i would have to respect what The 9/11 Commission is portraying to the world.
In 2017...after many months of preparation, 'Chasing Shadows' began. These episodes were a lot shorter...a little like a 10 thousand piece jigsaw i slowly began to putting the 9/11 pieces together with the aim to educate and be educated.

Fast forward to 2019 and in these 2 years a lot has happened on the channel and I have learned a lot, especially with regards to keeping YouTube smiling and playing by their Community Guidelines.

The channel is now entirely dedicated to the events of Tuesday, September 11th 2001. There are now weekly LIVE broadcasts with a fantastic group which is growing into an amazing community specifically for The 9/11 Blacklist.

***Another episode refreshed and re-edited to comply with the YouTube Community Guidelines...and another episode of which I initially had to delete myself...back up and in around 10 minutes you are going to fully understand why 9/11 isn't all that the mainstream still to this day purports it to be...watch, learn, question...Like, subscribe comment and Smash The Notification Bell and never miss a live show or episode...Remember everyone this is NOT A CONSPIRACY CHANNEL ITS THE TRUTH...we want...You want proof of the globally controlled mainstream....See If Boris Johnson will succeed Thersa May as Prime Minister and see how the media are jumping all over this to trash Boris...on TV and Radio...not unlike the Clinton vs Trump affair and how Clinton had the media networks in her pocket and they were EXPOSED when Trump became President!***

Coming Very Soon A Specific Site dedicated to The 9/11 Blacklist merchandise!

Lots to discuss and debate.

Like, Subscribe, Comment and smash the notification bell and never miss an episode or live show from The 9/11 Blacklist

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The Truth Will Find A Way

Any Theory That Has More Veracity Than The 9/11 Commission Report Is A Plausible One.
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Please watch: "The Air Quality-9/11 First Responders-The Greatest Ever Mayor?"

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