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Created by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Tarzan's first appearance was in the October 1912 issue of The All-Story Magazine, as the serialized story of "Tarzan Of The Apes", with a first book publication in 1914. In the story, Lord and Lady Greystoke of England, are marooned in the western coastal jungles of equatorial Africa in 1888. After an unstated amount of time later, their son John Clayton II is born. At the age of one, his mother dies and soon thereafter his father is killed by the savage king ape, Kerchak. The infant Clayton, subsequently adopted by the she-ape Kala, is named Tarzan ('White Skin' in the ape language) and is raised in ignorance of his human heritage.

Other notable work of Edgar Rice Burroughs, A Princess Of Mars (1912) and sequels, Pirates Of Venus (1932) and sequels (my favorite Burroughs series, with Carson of Venus), The Cave Girl/The Cave Man (1913-1914), At The Earth's Core (1914) and sequels, along with many other literature jewels.


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