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SYLVIA MAJOR SLIP OF THE TONGUE / Hollie demands justice

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Published on 29 Nov 2019 / In News and Politics

Requst to ALL steadfast supports of Anne and Hollie Greig.

Please help spread this video to all your friends -- and ask them to help with the campaign.

Important to please download the video and then upload it to your own YouTube channels.

We need to spread this video FAR and WIDE so that 'they' cannot get them ALL taken down off YouTube, as they have done to the first video version of this film. Thank you!
This video is supplied by an anonymous source.

Even after this lengthy passage of time, it seems totally inexplicable as to why this particular woman, Sylvia Major, (Hollie's father's cousin), would attend the High Court in London (700 miles from her home), having been named as a perpetrator of these vile allegations. It must be noted, Major was one of 4 people mentioned in Dr Eva Harding's report from her interview with Hollie that convinced the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. Major and Dragon claimed to have been suffering from trauma as a result of the allegations at Robert Green's trial. It seems too coincidental that only two weeks later she had made a remarkable recovery and went to London a day earlier for other business and just happened to walk to the High Court to attend the hearing, to which she was not a party.

Too much of a coincidence when the hearing had nothing to do with allegations made against her. She sat directly behind Hollie.

Could these 2 seemingly sweet little old ladies' turn out to be the latest victims of these techno-gangsters (infiltrators), their friends John Taylor, Steven Milne, alias, alias & Sarah Mcleod, who are going around filming all and anyone in a combative engagement on ultra-sensitive issues in Scotland, in order to cash in on anyone who will pay them for their services, regardless of which side of the moral divide they happen to be on? Are they on the payroll of Levy & McRae's investigative team? Were they the ones who were paid £700 by Sheriff Buchanan through PDI Investigations to video Robert Green? We must say they have been particularly helpful by doing an interview with these two women, caught lying on camera, nice one thank you. As they say, if you give people enough rope they will hang themselves with their own words.
And hung themselves they have.

In this video, Major claims she did not sit behind Hollie in the High Court, this video proves she is a LIAR.

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