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Superamus (TIS173)

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Published on 28 Nov 2018 / In Music

The Idahoan takes his earlier poem, "Seperamus" and sets it to music to create this song by the same name.

Out of blackest night that covered me,
From the fell chains of old Sheol,
I thank the God of love and light,
Who vouchsafed to rescue my wretched soul.

When for myriad crimes against Almighty God,
I was under the sentence of eternal fire,
'Twas then for me Christ shed His blood,
To turn away God's righteous ire.

Now raised with Christ to life anew,
How much more can I depend,
On Almighty God to see me through,
And my ransomed soul defend?

Above the dismal façade of circumstance,
Down through long years of toil and pain,
Unfolds the mystery of Divine providence,
As God transforms present distress into eternal gain.

It matters not how fierce the foe,
How terrible the forces against me arrayed,
Christ is the Champion of my soul!
Of whom shall I be afraid?

Under the bludgeoning assault,
Of this world with all its idols vile,
To God alone I bow my heart,
As my faith is forged to stand the trial.

And beyond the shade of death's grim gate,
Bright endless years of glory roll,
For God alone controls my fate,
Who is the savior of my soul!

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Invictus vs. Superamus (TIS062)