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Sun Sym If I Were President or Ruler of the World, A MetaEthicist

Peace Terrorist
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Published on 04 Feb 2020 / In Non-profits and Activism

These bastards on boobtube are taking away views on this video. It is hard to get screen shots to prove it. I must be right with my solution for the world.

originally posted as Symposium Sunday Sept, 23, 2015 on boobtube
What I would do if I were president or ruler of the NWO.
This just a start.
abolish the fed, default on odious loans.

BLM land give to our native americans, apologise to them. Less expenses for us to manage.

Legalise cannabis. Obtain growing remits, w/ annual inspections. Monitored by the Dept of Ag.

Don’t pay debt, pull all military home and protect our shores and borders. Close over seas bases. Or use for destination for tourism.

Don't give other countries money no more. A 3 year decrease. The 4th year is tax free forever.
Do away with income tax.

Make tourism a main income source.

Corporate America has our pattens that we developed with our tax money.

socialized services that corporations abused.
IE, Enron, AIG, All banks.

Security. Make Edward Snowden the head of NSA.
Only for defense and protection Maintain a well regulated military.

Control the Military Industrial Complex. Socialized them.
Take back products developed by NASA, military that they develop on Tax payer money.

Israel MUST rebuild Palestine. Disband Israel. They abused their sovereignty.

Surveillance cameras to keep politicians, police and all civil servants honest.

Ban fast food that is poisoning us. Eat 1/2 of the food consume with good food. Cut sewage in half. We need to wallow in our own feces to better understand us.

People on food stamps, welfare unemployment, disability, give them the jobs that the immigrants want. OR put them to use beautifying American.

Take all of Bushes and Chaney assets and put towards debt,.
Hard labor work for sentencing.

War crimes for Bush, Chaney, Wolfowitz, Rove. Obama, Clinton. Put in jail.
Rockefeller, Rothschild too.
Give back colonies
Change to metric system
Develop time in a metric sys.

Change to solar power, alternative fuel sources. Less dependant on fossil fuels

Scrap bad technology.

Make all kids meditate in school.
Teach them self defense.
Do away with Junior College and put that agenda in the 11 and 12 grades.

Prosecute all bad politicians.

Privatise companies that have prove to be unethical, turn them to government operations.

Advocate soccer. Sporting teams owned by the cities, counties or states of where they are from.

Go after polluters and abusers.

do away with the present electoral sys. Computerize elections from, home, cell phones, etc.

no religion in politics, no god bless America.
no one religion will be above another
Religious freedom, but remove from public life.
all religions will be respected and practiced.
Prosecute priest who abuse children.

Disband the UN.
confiscate central banks, cancel all odious loans.
take Rothschild, queen assets, banks,

NFL's Marketing Extravaganza, with Highlights of a Football game.

NASA to NSA, The Global Cloud Spy Network

dr Meno on Meditation. Part 2, The Act of Meditating.

Federal Reserve Largest Landlord in the USA. Physically Stealing America Fiscally.

Trump His Take on 911, Who’s Responsible. The Billion $$ Question No One Dares to Asks.

GOP Debate: Vaccines to Autism, Planned Parenthood are Criminals. Only Good Statements

YOUR VOTE DON'T COUNT, It's A farce of waste and corruption.

Real Reason for the Palestine Genocide.


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