Stoeger Cougar (AKA Beretta Cougar) History & Review

45 Alfa Charlie Papa
Published on 22 Nov 2019 / In Firearms

My latest gun show deal. A Beretta designed, all metal gun, made by Stoeger (A Beretta firearms group company), New in the box for $240 out the door!!!! Yes please!!

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45 Alfa Charlie Papa

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

What if all you know is proven to be a lie and the United States OF America is at WAR with We The 50 States FOR America??? Jeppo Jinx~

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no0negun 2 months ago

That’s an incredible deal at that price!

Beretta has so many excellent designs and the Cougar is one of them.

The magazine adaptability creates a lot of options for feeding the gun and the “G” configuration makes it a total win.

The Beretta manufactured Cougars are excellent and the Stoegers are very nice too, especially in INOX/stainless steel.

I’m with you on DA/SA handguns too. Ernest Langdon has proven they are match champion capable and the defensive resistance posturing of the double action trigger followed by an “all stops pulled” swiftness of the single action is far better than a consistently heavier DA only trigger for rapid defensive engagements.

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45 Alfa Charlie Papa
45 Alfa Charlie Papa 2 months ago

It was a great buy, just sad that I did not pick up the .40 he had sitting there also at the same price.

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