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Stockholm y2k virus and Trump

Stargods - 169 Views
Published on 21 May 2020 / In People and Blogs

Another y2k virus.
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H6819 2 months ago

Excellent as usual thanks as always bud

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Love4God 2 months ago

I made this video with you as the main speaker and lost a thousand subscribers one shot probably Sunday church dwellers but you opened my eyes and I finally understood what I felt reading the bible https://youtu.be/gzHC4jBpsCM

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Stargods 2 months ago

Thank you! I often read my Bible with conman sense with out any religious influencing narrative.

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Moonshiner 2 months ago

This site is way to slow for me. Maybe it is because my internet connection is slow because they are limiting me but this site is the worse of the 3, youtube, bitchute and this. Bitchute has already stopped one of my videos from even being processed, but that was of a ny nurse telling how they are killing old people off in the hospitals. However I first saw it on youtube ???? I think it is still there not sure ? anyway it wouldn't load on bitchute OR youtube for ME ! I am pretty sure my connection itself is monitored by someone this end..... I am uploading a video on bitchute right now and it more or less states some of the stuff what your telling us. :) It would seem that only violence will put a stop to this madness !

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